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Application Steps:

  1. Choose Program
  2. Choose Pathway for your Program (applies only to credential/credential+MA programs)
  3. Apply online through Cal State Apply
  4. Wait for an interview invitation from our department
  • All of our applicants must have been awarded a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. The transcript from the college where you received your bachelor's degree will note your degree and the date you received it.

  • Applicants must be admitted by one of the CSUMB credential programs and be in good standing.

  • Applicants must demonstrate Subject Matter Competency as part of the admission process to Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist programs.  The Subject Matter Requirement must be met prior to enrollment in program coursework.

    Subject Matter may be met by:

    • B.A. or M.A. major from a regionally accredited institution that is accepted by CTC to meet Subject Matter.  (Minors and concentrations will not work.)  
    • Subject Matter Waiver Program (with Subject Matter waiver letter signed by the institution's Credential Analyst)
    • Appropriate CSET exam
    • Coursework evaluation for CSET Subject Area Domains
    • Coursework evaluation plus CSET subtests to meet Subject Area Domains

    Self-evaluate your Subject Matter Competency status and view options to satisfy the Subject Matter Requirement using the letter below:

    Subject Matter Options Letter

    Need help determining your Subject Matter status and options to meet the Subject Matter Requirement?

    • Attend an Information Session
    • Attend Zoom Drop-in hours (no appointment necessary) 
    • Schedule an in-person appointment with the Admissions Counselor, Shawna Gannon (

    Stop by Building 3 to check out a CSET test prep guide, free of charge!

    Find links to free test prep on our webpage, here!

    Read more from CTC about all of the Subject Matter Competency options allowed by the state, found here.

    Prospective interns with teaching experience: The CSUMB Teacher Internship Pathway offers an early completion option to applicants with prior teaching experience. Through this option, experienced candidates can pursue an expedited pathway through the Early Completion Option with minimal course enrollment. Contact the Credential Analyst for more information.

  • Applicants must demonstrate Basic Education Skills. This requirement may be met by any one of the following options:

    NOTE: CBEST and CSET exam preparation guides are available for check-out, free of charge, at the College of Professional Studies (Building #3). The Teacher Quality Partnership now offers a free online CBEST preparation course, to see how to gain access to this resource, see this page.

    • Qualifying coursework in the following areas:
      • For reading proficiency: a course in critical thinking, literature, philosophy, reading, rhetoric, or textual analysis.
      • For writing proficiency: a course in composition, English, rhetoric, written communication, or writing.
      • For mathematics proficiency: a course in algebra, geometry, mathematics, quantitative reasoning, or statistics.

    For details on qualifying coursework, see Basic Skills Requirement (CL-667)

    • A combination of applicable courses and qualifying exams
  • US Constitution competency must be demonstrated by course or exam.

    If you took an appropriate course at CSUMB, we will see it on your transcripts. If you received your bachelor's degree from another CSU, you have met the requirement and it will appear on your transcripts. If you took an appropriate course at another college, you will need to check with our credentials analyst and provide a course description from the college catalog.

    The Santa Cruz County Office of Education offers and approved exam and can be reached at (831-466-5750). There is one approved online exam which can be found at

  • You must have a valid Certificate of Clearance, issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. (Candidates may substitute a valid CTC-issued document for which livescan fingerprints were submitted.)

  • To qualify for the Internship Credential, applicants must provide a copy of a contract or a Letter of Intent to Hire from a cooperating public school district in the tri-county area to teach at least half-time in an assignment that matches the credential pursued. Most school districts use to find prospective employees. If you would like assistance using EdJoin, please contact Shawna Gannon at or 831-582-4628. If you are hired and accepted into the Internship Pathway, you will require an Intern Support Provider.

  • Pre-Service preparation (preparation that occurs prior to the candidate walking into a classroom as the teacher of record) is required for the internship credential. This pre-service preparation is provided to candidates during the summer. All required summer courses must be passed prior to issuance of the internship credential.

  • Prior to field placement, all students are required to document certification in First Aid for Children through Adults to include CPR. Here are some ways to become certified:

    These are acceptable forms of documentation:

    • Valid certification card provided by the American Red Cross (or other authorized trainer)
    • Valid certification card or print out provided by an online authorized trainer

    If you are uncertain whether a course meets this requirement, please first check with our Credential Analyst, Christy Hanselka (formerly Jordan) via phone (831-582-3638) or email (

  • Prior to field placement, all students are required to document negative results on a test for Tuberculosis done in the last four years. Most local clinics and doctor’s offices will perform the test. The Tuberculosis skin test (also known as the tuberculin test or PPD test) requires one visit to receive the injection, then a second visit 48‐72 hours later to examine the tested area. In rare instances, a test is inconclusive or shows signs of TB; this requires a chest x‐ray for more accurate information.

    These are acceptable forms of documentation:

    • copy of official shot record showing PPD/Tuberculosis testing and negative results
    • copy of PPD/Tuberculosis results form (frequently includes a diagram of the arm and injection site)
    • from a health care facility
    • original note from a doctor verifying the test was administered with negative results, including date
    • chest x‐ray form from a health care facility verifying negative results

    Please note that any document you submit should clearly indicate your name, the name of your doctor or health care facility, and the dates, method, and results of the test.

Foreign Transcript Evaluations

A Foreign Transcript Evaluation must be completed when the degree was obtained outside the United States. This process requires a fee and may take several weeks in order to verify that the degree is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in the United States. For credential program applicants, it is important to use one of the vendors named below. These vendors are approved by both CSUMB and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.

Educational Records Evaluations Service, Inc.

International Education Research Foundation, Inc.

World Education Services, Inc.


For more information on the Single Subject or Multiple Subject Internship Pathway contact:

Jene Harris

(831) 582-4094

For more information on the Special Education Internship Pathway contact:

Darlene Moitoso

(831) 582-4612