College of Education

Master of Science Speech-Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathology Coordinator of Clinical and Education serves as the liaison between our graduate program and the practicum sites for the graduate clinicians in Speech- Language Pathology. All matters related to the practicum experiences should be brought to the attention of the appropriate coordinator.

Practicum placements are designed to provide our graduate students with robust experiences and to meet the ASHA standards. Practicum placements will include:

  • 5 practicum placements
  • Opportunities for diagnostics, assessment, and intervention
  • Experience with the scope of practice in speech-language pathology across the lifespan (i.e., language, articulation, voice, fluency, swallowing, hearing, AAC, literacy, etc)
  • Medical externships are designed to give graduate clinicians experience in medical settings. These settings may include: skilled nursing, rehabilitation, acute care, and home health care. It is a requirement of ASHA that graduate clinicians get experience across the lifespan and across disability areas.

  • The purpose of the school externship experience is to provide graduate clinicians with an opportunity to extend their academic training in a school based setting.

Requirements for practicum placements

The following documentation is required prior to practicum placements. Some sites may require additional documentation. Students are expected to comply with the requirements of each site.

  • You must have a Certificate of Clearance, issued by the State of California, or one of several California credentials. To apply for the Certificate of Clearance, download the checklist online. It contains directions for the Certificate of Clearance application and fingerprint form and a list of agencies that perform the livescan service. Note that the required FBI and DOJ review usually incurs additional fees. If you have been convicted of any violation other than a minor traffic offense, clearance may take two months. A criminal record may preclude you from getting clearance.

  • Documentation of the Varicella vaccine, Hepatitis vaccine or waiver, measles / mumps / rubella-mmr vaccine, flu shot, and COVID-19 vaccine. 

    Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance

    Prior to field placement, all students are required to document negative results on a test for Tuberculosis done in the last four years. Most local clinics and doctor’s offices will perform the test. The Tuberculosis skin test (also known as the tuberculin test or PPD test) requires one visit to receive the injection, then a second visit 48‐72 hours later to examine the tested area. In rare instances, a test is inconclusive or shows signs of TB; this requires a chest x‐ray for more accurate information.

    These are acceptable forms of documentation:

    • copy of official shot record showing PPD/Tuberculosis testing and negative results
    • copy of PPD/Tuberculosis results form (frequently includes a diagram of the arm and injection site) from a healthcare facility
    • chest x‐ray form from a health care facility verifying negative results

    Please note that any document you submit should clearly indicate your name, the name of your doctor or health care facility, and the dates, method, and results of the test.


    COVID-19 Vaccinations are required for most practicum placements. As of January 2022, the program cannot assure that unvaccinated students will be able to participate in all in person practicum placements and meet the requirements for graduation and licensure. For information on University Policies regarding students attending classes on campus, see:

  • Prior to field placement, all students are required to document certification in basic life support (BLS) for infants, children, and adults.

  • CSUMB requires students obtain professional liability insurance prior to any practicum placements.