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Preparing today’s students as tomorrow’s compassionate leaders

The College of Education prepares today’s students to be tomorrow’s impactful and compassionate professionals. We offer students the opportunity to make a real difference in the world. Our degree programs provide the knowledge, skills, empathy and inclusive perspectives necessary to positively impact the lives of all individuals – from children to young adults, parents to senior citizens. 

We train students to become:

  • Highly-qualified, effective teachers remedying the critical shortage of educators in our region.
  • Human service providers improving the lives and relationships of families and individuals across the life course.
  • Curriculum and instruction specialists creating meaningful programs and outcomes in our schools and communities.
  • School psychologists promoting personal, social, and academic development of all students, including those who are culturally and linguistically diverse.
  • Educational leaders guiding efficient and effective educational organizations in today's complex and evolving social, political and economic environment.
  • Speech language pathologists providing evidence-based, developmentally appropriate, and ethical communications support to individuals across the life span in a variety of interdisciplinary settings.

Join the College of Education to make a real difference in the local community and beyond! 

A teacher in a classroom and surrounded by kids pointing to a board

Monterey Institute for English Learners helps teachers earn Bilingual Authorization 

Did you know? Miel is the Spanish word for honey, a ubiquitous (and delicious!) by-product of living in an agricultural area like the Salinas Valley. 

While honey makes life sweet, so does personalized learning — and perhaps that’s one reason why MIEL (the Monterey Institute for English Learners) has been so successful in the Monterey Bay area. 

Supported by the Taylor Farms Foundation, MIEL was established in 2018 for the purpose of promoting equitable and effective practices for educators serving English Learners in the greater Monterey County area, where almost 40% of Monterey County students are classified as English Learners. MIEL helps current and future educators from similar backgrounds earn their Bilingual Authorization, ensuring local students have equal access to education, preparing them for a global world – one in which our bilingual, buzzworthy, cross-pollinators thrive. 

Communicating successfully, one person at a time

The College of Education offers a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP), which prepares future practitioners to better serve our local communities with a thorough understanding of human communication — and all the ways it can sometimes go awry. 

Year-round, hybrid in-person classes, online coursework, and ongoing clinical practicums enable our students to get hands-on experience with diagnosing, assessing and supporting disorders of language, articulation, voice, fluency, swallowing, hearing, and more. Externships in healthcare and school-based settings provide SLP practitioners the opportunity to address a wide spectrum of needs, from young to old, to those in health and during rehabilitation. 

At CSUMB, a two-year investment in your SLP training provides you with the experience necessary to earn an average annual salary over $79,000 in a field with a job outlook projected to grow 25% by 2029 — and you’ll also have the great good fortune of helping individuals communicate their most precious thoughts, feelings, and needs to others. 

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Do you remember that teacher?

The one who taught you something you’ve never forgotten, or made you believe in yourself in a way no one ever had? Give someone else that teacher today: support student scholarships by giving to the next generation of impactful teachers.

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