Personal Growth and Counseling Center

Resources for Faculty & Staff

Consultation with PGCC staff is available to any CSUMB faculty or staff member by phone or in person. If you are concerned about a student and are uncertain about what to do, please call us (831-582-3969), identify yourself as a faculty or staff member, and say you are concerned about a student or situation and would like to consult with a counselor. Usually this service is available immediately.

Red Folder

"The Red Folder urges CSU employees to intervene if they see a student in distress. The resource contains information on common signs of mental illness, how to respond in incidents where a student might be a threat to themselves or others, and who to contact on campus in case of an emergency. It also outlines which situations require police intervention or a referral to campus psychological services."

- California State University Public Affairs

Support for Students - Fall 2020

This resource was created by the Student Affairs and Academic Support (SAAS) Committee. There exist numerous resources for students at CSUMB, many of which are unknown to the student. Our committee proposes one syllabus statement in which all student resources are listed with hyperlinks to replace all other syllabi statements.

Quick Reference Guide to Resources

This resource was created by the Student Affairs and Academic Support (SAAS) Committee. It highlights some of the many resources available on campus for faculty, particularly in their work with students. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it has resources that could be helpful in a broad range of situations.

First Year Seminar Discussion Guide

FYS professors are encouraged to use our discussion guide to explore various mental health topics with your students. Our guide provides discussion questions and resources for the following topics:

  • Loneliness and Homesickness
  • Relationships
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse

These discussions can stand alone or can be facilitated prior to a PGCC presentation. If you'd like to schedule a classroom presentation please use our Presentation Request Form or call 831-582-3969.

Learn More About Fall 2020 Services

For the fall 2020 semester, HWS has recorded a presentation to support faculty and staff in learning how HWS departments have modified their services to serve students, faculty and staff during distance learning.

Colleges are welcome to provide this video to faculty, along with the PowerPoint presentation and video transcript. Colleges may also use the Presentation Request Form to request HWS representatives to introduce the video and be available for Q&A.