Personal Growth and Counseling Center

Mental Health Resources

The Personal Growth and Counseling Center organizes several on campus screenings throughout the year. Screenings for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and alcohol use disorders are conducted in classrooms, residence halls, the counseling center, and at special events. Based on screening results, students may be referred for follow-up services.

The Personal Growth and Counseling Center also offers the following online confidential and anonymous screenings for students:

MindWise Screening Program

Mindwise Innovations provides brief screenings to determine if you or someone you care about should connect with a mental health professional. 


ULifeline provides students with a quick mental health test, tools to learn more about mental health issues and the warning signs of emotional distress and suicide. 

After taking a screening

After taking a screening, results will be displayed along with suggestions for next steps, such as seeing a mental health professional. If you want to talk to someone about your results, please contact the Personal Growth and Counseling Center at 831-582-3969.

Wellness resources

Here are some additional recommended resources to support student health and wellness:

  • You@CSUMB - Available to CSUMB students, staff and faculty. Log in using an Otter ID and password
  • 211 Monterey County - A program of United Way Monterey County, is the comprehensive information and referral service for Monterey County. 
  • United Way Monterey County has streamlined the process for finding behavioral health resources by creating a key word text program in Spanish and English that will connect users to targeted resources on the 211 website. Text 831-215-3342
    • For mental health resources text WELL-BEING or BIENESTAR para español 
    • For substance use resources text CARE or ATENCION para español 
    • For youth resources text YOUTH or JUVENTUD para español 
    • For suicide prevention text HOPE or ESPERANZA para español 
  • Sam's Guide to Monterey County Family Resources - local community resources
  • Mental Health is Health (formally Half of Us) - Self-reflection and resources encouraged
  • Active Minds - Mental Health Advocacy 
  • Sleep Tips for Academic Success (Sleep Tips for Academic Success text version)