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Greater Vision 2017

This event made possible by grants from:

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A one-day forum addressing innovative water management strategies for the Central Coast. Over 20 regional, national and international innovators, policy makers and scientific researchers explored new vistas in water management for the residential, agricultural, and industrial needs of California's Central Coast.

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Greater Vision 2017 Panel Presentations

Opening Plenary: Where We Are & What the Future Holds

Panel: Chair, Dennis Donohue, Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology; Anna Caballero, California State Assembly; Doreen "DeeDee" D'Adamo, Board Member, California Water Resources Agency, and John Laird, California Natural Resources Agency, and David Stoldt, Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.

Panel: Chair Kevin Murphy, Driscoll's

Urs Von Gunten, Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne, and Mike Young, University of Adelaide, Dennis Donohue, Western Growers Center for Innovative Technology

Keynote Address: Introduced by Lorri Koster, Mann Packing Co,; Keynote Speaker: David Sedlak, Berkley Water Center; University of California, Berkeley

Panel: Chair, Forrest Melton with chairs of concurrent sessions

Capnote Presentation: Introduced by Jim Bogart, Grower- Shipper Association

Capnote Presenter: Doc Hendley, Wine to Water Foundation

Capnote Speaker Presenation: Doc Hendley
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