Training & Classes

CSUMB courses, online, and external geospatial technology training opportunities.

CSUMB Courses

The CSUMB catalog includes a variety of courses in which geospatial technology is either the primary focus or directly used in the course of study. These courses are offered in the School of Natural Sciences (SNS), Division of Social, Behavioral & Global Studies (SBGS), and College of Business (COB).

School of Natural Sciences

ENVS 284: Envi Econ & Management (2 units)

ENVS 300: Critical Thinking & Communication in Environmental Science (4 units)

ENVS 332: Intro to GIS/GPS (4 units)

ENVS 436: Rmt Sns/Image Process (4 units) / ENVS 536: Remote Sns & Image Process (4 units)

ENVS 440: Environmental Modeling (4 units) / ENVS 540: Environmental Modeling (4 units)

ENVS 446: Landscape Ecology (4 units)

ENVS 532: Advanced GIS&Spatial Analysis (4 units)

ENVS 560: Watershed Systems (4 units)

ENVS 660: Adv Watershed Sci & Policy (4 units)

GEOL 360: Geomorphic Systems (4 units)

GEOL 460: River Hydrology, Assmt&Monitor (4 units)

MSCI 350: Quantitative Marine Science (4 units)

MSCI 433 / MSCI 533

MSCI 545: Marine Ecological Systems (4 units)

MSCI 645: Advanced Marine Science and Policy (4 units)

Division of Social, Behavioral & Global Studies

SBS 361: Introduction to GIS (3 units)

SBS 371: GIS Applications for the Social Sciences and Business (3 units)

College of Business

BUS 435: Supply Chain Management (4 units)

BUS 437: Applied Logistics (4 units)

Online Training

Online training in geospatial technology is available to the CSUMB community.

Esri e-Learning (formerly Virtual Campus)

CSUMB community members have unlimited access to Esri's entire catalog of e-Learning (formerly known as Virtual Campus) courses. Access to e-Learning is linked to the user's ArcGIS Online (AGOL) account by virtue of association with CSUMB's Education and Research AGOL Organization. CSUMB students, staff, and faculty can access the CSUMB Education and Research AGOL Organization account via Okta Single Sign On using their username. See the Software section of this website for more information regarding AGOL.

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