College of Science

Geospatial Resources


GPS and other geospatial hardware available for use in courses and faculty and student research projects.

  • Fixed- and rotary-wing uncrewed aircraft for use in mapping, data collection, and other research and teaching applications.

    Please visit the CSUMB UAS Website for more information.

  • Ruggedized Android field tablets and Bad Elf Surveyor GNSS units are used in ENVS 332 and other courses, and available for check out to those trained in their use.

    Trimble Juno 3B and GeoXM GNSS Dataloggers are also available for check out to trained users.

    EMLID Reach RS2 RTK GNSS units for precision (cm-level) mapping & surveying available as well by special request.


  • CSUMB has two teaching labs equipped with computer workstations running our full suite of . These labs are located in south wing of the Chapman Science Academic Center (SAC, building 53):

    Rooms 53-S117 & -S119


    ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Desktop are installed in all common-use computer labs across campus