Ecosystem Electronics Lab

Department of Marine Science


Purveyors of fine gizmotronic parts, tools, and supplies

(i.e., where EELs forage for goodies)

  • BlueRobotics (great source for inexpensive, open-source ocean thrusters, ROVs, and ROV parts)
  • Digi-Key (vast selection of electronic tools and components, especially ICs)
  • Adafruit (beginner-friendly site offering lots of fun projects, parts, tools, and advice)
  • Jameco (great source for electronic tools and components; quick delivery to Monterey)
  • McMaster-Carr (vast selection of industrial tools, raw materials, etc.; easily searched online catalog)
  • Microchip (makers of PIC microcontrollers)
  • On-Line Metals (good selection of metals and plastics for building things)
  • Parallax, Inc. home of the user-friendly BASIC Stamp microcontroller and many related products.
  • Robot Market Place (lots of good motors, batteries, etc. for building robots)
  • ServoCity (servomotors and all sorts of gears and other hardware for them)
  • SparkFun (lots of user-friendly electronics/robotics parts, tools, advice)
  • Tower Hobbies (R/C car and plane stuff that can be adapted for robots)

Useful training videos