Ecosystem Electronics Lab

Department of Marine Science


The Ecosystem Electronics Lab provides advanced technical education for CSUMB students while furthering K-12 science education and applied ecological research in the Monterey Bay area and beyond. To do this work, EEL depends on three distinct forms of support:

  • External funding
  • Donations or loans of needed tools, equipment, supplies, or expertise
  • Project opportunities

We are grateful to the following organizations and individuals for their generous support of EEL projects and activities to date:


The following have provided grants or other funding to help the EEL purchase equipment & supplies and/or to provide financial support to students working on EEL projects:

In-kind donations

The following have donated or loaned major equipment, tools, supplies, and/or staff time needed by the EEL to complete projects:

Project opportunities

The ideal EEL Project: 1) provides a valuable, technically-challenging educational opportunity for EEL students, 2) supports ecological education and/or research that meets community-identified needs in the Monterey/Salinas region or beyond, and 3) has a realistic scope and timeline, ensuring a high probability of successful completion by supervised university students.

The following people and organizations have provided outstanding project opportunities for EEL students: