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Becoming a scientific diver at CSUMB starts with the participation in MSCI 380: Introduction to Scientific Diving Techniques OR submit a CSUMB Diver Application in already trained if scientific diving techniques from another AAUS Organizational Member.

Here are the required forms to submit to the Diving Safety Officer in your Diver Application:

  1. Copies of Diver certification - NAUI Rescue Diver & Master Diver of equivalent
  2. Completed AAUS Medical Evaluation of Fitness for SCUBA Diving Report (Appendix 2: CSUMB Diving Safety Manual)
  3. AAUS Diving Medical History Form (Appendix 3: CSUMB Diving Safety Manual)
  4. CSUMB Diving Waiver
  5. NAUI Waiver (if enrolling in NAUI certification courses)
  6. Copies of CPR, First Aid, Emergency Oxygen Administration and Neurological Assessment certificates of training
  7. Student Learning Agreement
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Dive Program in the Cloud - DPiC. Once your Application has been approved, register for the CSUMB diver management system and dive log. The registration guide can be downloaded below.

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The Dive Locker (located at the Aquatic Center on campus) houses a full suite of diving equipment to outfit students and active scientific divers for their training and scientific work. These items are accessible to enrolled students and active scientific divers:

  1. Regulator Sets - Zeagle Envoy II First and Second Stage, instrumentation in a gauge cluster
  2. BCDs - Zeagle BASE Jacket-style BCD
  3. Skin Diving Gear - Mask, Fins, Snorkel
  4. Exposure Protection - Two-piece, 7 mm each piece Suits, Hoods, Booties
  5. Dive Lights - Light & Motion GoBe+
  6. Weight Systems (Harnesses & Belts) and Lead Weight
  7. Scuba Cylinders - AL63&80s and AA100s
  8. Sampling Specific Equipment - Transect tapes, Quadrats, Cameras
  9. Emergency Equipment - Oxygen Units, First Aid Kits, Surface Signaling Devices

Dives are encouraged to use their own diving equipment, if applicable. Prior to use in the CSUMB dive program, divers must submit to the DSO a receipt of purchase (brand new equipment) or proof of annual service for the following personal equipment:

  1. Regulator Set - First & Second Stages, Submersible Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge, Hoses
  2. Buoyancy Compensator Device
  3. Dive Computer
  4. Drysuit