Corporation Forms

Most Commonly Used Accounts

**New** Combination Check Request *New* Fund (Chartfield) Request-Combo

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*New* Matrix-Preferred Method of Payment Changes Effective July 1, 2018 Wet Signature Requirements FY 18/19


Combined Check Request - replaces Payment Request, Personal Reimbursement or Registration Pay Request

All Auxiliary - Fund (Chartfield) Request/Update Signature Authorization (Corporation, Foundation, OSU)

How are these new forms working for you? How are they not? Please let us know!

Deposit Slip

Revenue and Expense Transfer

Petty Cash Replenishment Form

Request for Direct Charging of F&A Type Cost Form

Service Center Request

Subaward Invoice Certification


Employee handbook

Change of Address

Employee Status Form (ESF)

Employment Status Form Instructions

Family Medical Leave Request

Job Description Template

Medical Certification Form

Request for Leave

Request to Recruit

Resignation/Separation Form

Return to Work Certification

POI Form

Volunteer Appointment Form


90-Day Performance Evaluation

Student/Temporary Staff Evaluation


Annual Evaluation


Employee Benefits At A Glance

Current medical premiums

Steps to find a Doctor

HIPAA Privacy Policy

Dental Plan Summary

Dental Certificate of Coverage

Retirement and Voluntary Plan Summary

Voluntary Retirement Plan Deduction Form

VSP-Vision Plan Benefit Summary

Vitaflex benefits

Vita Flex 2019 Open Enrollment Guidelines

VitaFlex Plan Guide

Plan Detail Sheet

VitaFlex Reimbursement Claim Form - Medical

VitaFlex Reimbursement Claim Form - Dependent Care

Workers compensation

Employee must complete immediately following knowledge of injury or illness and submit to University Corporation HR.

DWC1 Employee Claim Form (PDF Format)

This form, along with DWC1, must be completed, signed, returned to University Corporation HR within 24 hr of injury.

Injury_Illnes Investigation Report (PDF Format)

Q&A for Workers' Compensation & Physician Pre-Designation Form


Online timecard system (ADP)

Absence Report

Direct Deposit Authorization

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

Non-Exempt Employees Timesheet

Student Exempt Form

2019 Annual Payroll Calendar

W-4 Tax Withholding Form

DE 4 Form

Use only if exemptions are different from Federal and/or additional amount is to be deducted from State taxes.


Procurement Guidelines & Procedures

Purchasing Matrix - Preferred Method of Payment for Purchases

Catering Services Information Form

Missing Receipt Declaration

OfficeMax Web-Site Account Set-up Request

Procurement Card Manual

ProCard Acknowledgement of Responsibility

ProCard Alteration Request

ProCard Application Form

ProCard Travel Needs Statement

Procurement Justification Statement

Purchasing Alteration Request

Vendor Data Record - VDR Form 204

Honorarium Agreement


Automobile Accident Form

Request For Approval of Travel - RAT (Employees only)

Non-Employee Request for Approval of Travel - NE RAT

Travel Related codes

Travel Procedures Handbook

Travel Expense Claim - TEC 2018

Travel Expense Claim - TEC 2019

Travel Roster

Missing Receipt Declaration

Risk management

Participant Accident Insurance Request

Incident Report

Risk Identification Form

Hold Harmless Waiver

Defensive driving program

New Application Process

Defensive Driving Program Application

Privately Owned Vehicle Authorization (STD 261)

Employee Pull Program Authorization Form (INF 1101)

Defensive Driving Employee Handbook