University Corporation

Corporation Defensive Driving Program

To drive Corporation owned vehicles, rental vehicles, or drive your personal vehicle on Corporation Business, employees and volunteers must enroll and comply with the Corporation's Defensive Driving Program. If you are a Corporation employee or volunteer and would like to enroll in the Defensive Driving Program, please submit the required documents to

INSTRUCTIONS: Defensive Driving packets (forms and documents specified below) must be submitted in one complete package for processing. Partial packets will not be accepted/processed. A complete package consists of at least Documents 1-5, and 6 if the driver is seeking mileage reimbursement. Complete packages are only required for new drivers enrolling in the program. Existing drivers only need to update expired documents.

The documents below all have expiration dates. It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure all forms are up-to-date before driving on Corporation business.

Document 1-Application

  • The application expires when the Defensive Driving Certificate of Completion expires. (Must be renewed every four years)

Document 2-INF 1101

  • INF 1101 does not expire.

Document 3-Copy of current driver's license

Copy of current valid driver's license, (regardless of state) front side only.

  • Must resubmit whenever renewed.

Document 4-Copy of DMV Driving Record

DMV Driving Record Printout-MAY NOT BE OLDER THAN 30 DAYS (from State issuing license)

Document 5-Defensive Driving Course Certificate of Completion.

Direct link to the course. If the link doesn't work, please use the instructions below.

Defensive Driving Course Certificate of Completion (please see instructions on how to self-assign the DD course in Sum Total below)   

Document 6-Required if seeking mileage reimbursement

  • Must be renewed annually. Expires one year from date signed by supervisor.

Additional Information

Temporary employees may not drive on Corporation business.

If you are a Corporation volunteer, please contact Corporation HR to complete a Volunteer Form at

If you are a Corporation Employee and need to drive University owned vehicles please contact the University Defensive Driving Program for their requirements. Please be advised that the University does not accept the Corporation driving documentation including defensive driving course. However, the Corporation does accept the University defensive driving course.