University Corporation

Employee Housing

CSUMB offers its faculty and staff two housing options on campus: rental units and homes for purchase via a ground-sublease plan. The campus neighborhoods provide employees with workplace-convenient, continuously affordable housing. The program also facilitates employee recruitment, cultivates interaction among employees and the larger university community, and enables greater employee participation in campus affairs.

CSUMB's housing asset

A portion of the Fort Ord military base transferred to CSUMB included 1,220 housing units located in a residential area two miles east of the main campus. This residential area is divided into three sections: Frederick Park (CSUMB student apartment housing), Schoonover Park I and Schoonover Park II.

Schoonover Park I contains 600 2- and 3-bedroom units. The 2-bedroom units are reserved for rent to CSUMB employees and employees of certain institutions (known as Educational Partners). The 3-bedroom units are reserved for rent to CSUMB employees only.

Schoonover Park II contains 87 2- and 3-bedroom units. Rental units on Devers Court, Wedemeyer Court, and Chennault Court are reserved for CSUMB employees only. Residents in these apartments are responsible for the following utilities: water, sewer, electricity, and gas.

The setting

Schoonover Park is near main campus, yet a tranquil world away. The community lies nestled in the secluded beauty of rolling coastal hills three miles east of campus. Living in one of the most desirable areas of California, you will enjoy the natural splendor and cultural abundance of the Monterey Peninsula. Quality of life begins with your home in Schoonover Park, and extends through every aspect of your California coastal lifestyle.

The homes

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