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How To Run An Incentive Report

Incentive accounts originate from the Incentive Program. The Incentive Program was created by the University Corporation to promote faculty research, scholarship and creative activity as well as to encourage grant development. The Incentive Program allocates a percentage of the net indirect cost recovery to PIs, Departments, and Colleges. The percentage is based on the PI’s participation in indirect cost recovery. Allocations to the incentive accounts are distributed each fiscal year, usually in the spring.

Incentive accounts are assigned a unique Project ID ("10002xxx"). The allocation is reflected in G/L 660090 as a Budget Amount. Incentive account balances roll forward each year.

Note: should any incentive account be thrown into a deficit, the deficit will be transferred to the incentive account of either the Dept or the College.

Donation funds

Donation funds receive gifts and donations that are earmarked for a specific purpose. Because donors expect their gift to be used for the purpose intended, all expenditures are reviewed for allowability.

Donation funds are assigned a fund number beginning with a "7" (e.g. 72170). Most donation funds do not have a budget. Expenditures are limited to the donations received.

Program funds

Program funds are accounts that capture the earned revenue and related expenditures from a specific program activity. Program funds often originate from grants that encourage revenue-earning activities with the hope that such activities will continue to produce revenue after the grant has ended.

Program Funds are assigned a fund number beginning with "6", e.g. 60120, 60125, etc. At the end of each fiscal year, the net operating gain or loss is transferred to retained earnings. Most Program Funds do not have a budget. Expenditures are limited to the amount of revenue earned by the program.