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University Corporation Tools and Resources

Submitting Documents

Adobe Sign should be used to approve and route documents to Accounting or Accounts Payable.

For more information on Adobe Sign, visit: Here

For grants, sponsors typically require supporting documentation when submitting invoices and the sponsor may not pay the invoice until documentation is received.

Tools for Document Processing

Use VPN to connect to the Campus Network and access your M or J drive documents.

Learn more about connecting to the VPN. If you need help call IT at 831-582-HELP (4357)

Adobe Creative Cloud can help you to:

  • Print your documents as pdf files, this will allow anyone with a PDF Reader to view the document, as if it was printed.
  • Combine multiple pdfs into one document when all pages are related, using the Combine tool. This way you only need to attach one item to your email, instead of several.
  • Organize the pages of a pdf document using the Organize tool.
  • Add a text box for dates, chartstrings or notes on the face of your document using the Fill & Sign tool.
  • Virtually sign or initial your document using the Fill & Sign tool

Adobe Creative Cloud is available to all Staff, Faculty, and Students. For more information visit: Here


Tools to Facilitate Communication

  • Use Google hangouts to converse with your co-workers. You can use the chat window to create groups and to initiate video chats. If you are signed into your Gmail, you have access to hangouts.
  • Use Zoom to hold online meetings.
  • Call IT if you need help at 831-582-HELP (4357).


For many of us at CSUMB, working remotely is a new experience. Here are some resources to assist you in configuring healthy workstations in your temporary remote workspace and email risk management with questions.