College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of Cinematic Arts & Technology

2015 Senior Capstone Festival

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    10 minutes, PG

    Found Producers: Brielle Bariteau, John Floros and Chris Siracuse Director: Chris Siracuse A short documentary about an Oakland-based artist who finds purpose in turning junk into imaginative kinetic sculptures. San Francisco International Film Fest When: Friday, October 16th 7:00 PM Mill Valley International Film Festival 5@5 The Other Side of Life Throckmorton Theatre When: Monday, Oct 12 5:00 PM 5@5 The Other Side of LifeRafael 3 Tuesday, Oct 13 2:45 PM

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    10 minutes, PG-13

    Scarlett Garden Producer: Marisa Herrera-Keehn Director: Lance F. Rodriguez Cinematographer: Stephen Terry Editor: Bethany Martin Scarlett visits her depressed brother David who vehemently refuses to visit their sick stepfather.

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    5 minutes, PG

    The Future Of Art & Music Producer/Director: Steven Rios Editor: Keven Pelon The student-run arts organization FOAM (The Future Of Art & Music) hosts a wide range of events and offers a supportive home to artists on campus.

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    5 minutes, PG

    This One-Time Friend ProduceR/Director: Bryce Caudle Alex puts his trust in someone who becomes his tormentor. After trying to move on, the bully re-enters his life.

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    5 minutes, PG-13

    Good Demons on My Shoulder Writer/Cinematographer: Ryan O’Connor Young Fen must learn to open himself up to his friend before he is consumed by the demons of despair.

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    5 Minutes, PG-13

    Unspoken Producer/Director: Austin Smagalski After 14 years, Daniel gathers the courage to prosecute the man that abused him as a child.

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    5 minutes, G

    The Magic of Volunteering Producer/Director: Lucas O. Seastrom The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco’s Presidio welcomes a passionate team of volunteers dedicated to serving the Museum and the legacy it protects.

    Still from movie
    4 minutes, PG

    Foster Creativity Producer/Director: Kristen O’Hare A documentary that follows a group of foster youth, aged 10-16, as they explore their own creativity and learn to express themselves through the development of their own films, while reflecting on the impact of art in their ever-changing lives.

    Still from movie
    15 minutes, PG-13

    Art on Her Sleeve Producer: Brielle Bariteau Writter/Director: Elle Tanner Cinematographer: Cesar Ciccarelli Editor: Colby Lowery Elisa, a young tattoo artist, struggles with her traditional and conservative artist mother. To heal the rift between them, each woman must rediscover the true motivation for their art and their feelings toward each other.

    Still from movie
    5 minutes, PG-13

    Hugo Producer/Director: Eugenia Renteria Living with his family in Watsonville, Hugo struggles to decide whether to continue practicing for a professional soccer tryout or heed his father and accept work in construction to help support his ailing mother.

    Still from movie
    4 minutes, PG-13

    Precious Life: A Foundation Producer/Director: Katelyn Feeney A women's foundation in Southern Zimbabwe provides a safe space for young single mothers while striving to end the social stigma of their situation through education.

    Still from movie
    4 minutes, G

    Cat-Astro-Phe Producer/Director: Shane Linebarger and Jamie Rankin In this short stop-motion animation, two aliens struggle to do their job, while a mischievous cat inadvertently disrupts their plans.

    Still from movie
    7 minutes, PG-13

    Breathe Producer/DirectorForrest Alvarez Writer/Director: Edward Hamel A young psychiatrist nervously engages in what appears to be his first real session. As the session wears on, he is forced to come face-to-face with his darker, if not utterly truthful, side. Mill Valley International Film Festival October 8-18, 2015

    Still from movie
    5 minutes, PG-13

    Identity Producer/Director: Brooke Goodwin A trusting young woman is subject to her new roommate’s Dissociative Identity Disorder that stems from a dark and disturbing past.

    Still from movie
    5 minutes, PG-13

    My Girl Producer/Director: Andrea Valenzuela Edith, a young French woman, is new to America. Finding it hard to adjust, she decides to pick up an old, dark hobby of hers.

    Still from movie
    9 minutes, PG-13

    Within Producer/Director: Emmaline Gibson and Rebekah Doyle Cinematographer: Emmaline Gibson Editor: Rebekah Doyle Jolene, a woman in her early twenties, suffers from her own guilt and a harrowing relationship with her older sister Helen.

    Still from movie
    3 minutes, G

    Unquestionable Love Producer/Director: Eduardo Solorio Two playmates struggle to escape the strict cultural and religious upbringing that keeps them apart from each other.

    Still from movie
    3 minutes, G

    Positioning Producer/Director: Thomas Reynolds Various methods for evaluating surroundings are employed in the search for an elusive curiosity.

    Still from movie
    8 minutes, PG

    Tinderella: A Modern Look at Dating Producer/Director: Ashlee York & Haley DalColletto Editor/Animator: Haley DalColletto With technology taking over human interaction, two documentarians delve deeply into the popular app Tinder which is taking over the dating world.

    Still from movie
    5 minutes, G

    My Darling, Monterey Producer/Director: Katherine Wheeler See Monterey from a new perspective in this charming tale of a girl and her red ball.

  • back of girl playing percussion
    Narrative: 4 mins, PG

    A Little Heart Produced & Directed by Annette Prieto A college student, Gabby, wanders off and explores other things. She then stumbles upon an abandoned building. Curiosity gets the best of her, and she explores the inside. She discovers a music room and the one percussion instrument she loved playing long ago. She finds herself in a turmoil of nerves and desire but when she plays? It's magic.

    animation of the film Baggage
    Animation: 4 mins, G

    Baggage Animated by Jessica Scrimshaw A short animation about relationships and the baggage that we all carry.

    b/w picture of a car
    Drama: 4 mins, PG-13

    No Me Mires Los Ojos by Francisco Garcia Jr Two robbers decide to rob a store in broad daylight, despite the shock and horror that people will see them.

    still photo of a phone
    Drama: 8 mins, PG

    The Call Directed by Brianna Beavers A young girl has a revealing phone conversation.

    Preserved flower in pocket watch
    Sci-Fi/Drama 5 mins, PG-13

    Release by Marina Martinez When being alive is not enough, a young man tries to experience something worth living for.

    creepy picture of a little girl
    Narrative: 4 mins, PG

    How the Girl and Her Ghostly Friends Vanished By John Burroughs After telling ghost stories by a flashlight-lit campfire, a little girl's (stuffed animal) friends start to disappear one by one. Now it is up to her to find them.

    girl curled up on a bed
    Experimental Narrative: 9 mins, PG-13

    Planet 5150 Produced and Directed by Kristine Elizondo Edited by Mariah Clark Emma finds herself back in the "Looney Bin." Trying to sort reality from psychosis - this short film takes the audience through Emma's experience in a mental ward as she interacts with the residents and finds her true reality.

    rose on a grave
    Horror: 3 mins, PG

    Beyond Her Grave Directed by Yasmin Matthews A young man, coming to terms with the death of his fiancé finds support in the most unexpected way.

    girl underwater
    Narrative: 6 mins, PG-13

    Mer Produced and Directed by Belen Sabi Edited by Rachael Van Bergen A poetic narrative about a woman who struggles with loss.

    Box with the word Midnight on it next to Elmer's Glue
    Narrative: 6 mins, G

    Midnight Written and Directed by Anne Baker Izzy and her family mourn the passing of her pet hamster Midnight by holding an official funeral.

    poster of the video
    Animation: 5 mins, PG

    Right Side of the Tracks Animated by Richard Medina A young girl is punished after ignoring the warnings as she walks along a railroad track.

    girl sitting in front of TV
    Dark Fantasy: 6 mins, PG

    Awake Directed by Vanessa De La Isla Produced by Justin Arcilla A child suffering from insomnia decides to explore the night, in her exploration she discovers a creature, through their adventure the child experiences the night in which she has never before.

    two best friends looking at the camera
    Comedy: 10 mins, PG

    Ben and Alex: The Movie Written, Produced, Directed, Edited by Richard Dysart Sound Mixed/Designed by Nicholas Goodman Two young men journey to make their mom happy Mother's Day.

    girl with electrodes attached to her temple
    Suspense: 8 mins, PG

    While You Lay Sleeping Directed by Chelsea Amarillas Produced by Jaeson Amarillas In this modern fable, Katherine, a young hospital executive, coerces Dr. Roth, a leading researcher of dream therapy, to treat her with experimental medication. Ignoring the doctor's warnings, she puts herself in danger searching for the answers to her questions.

    bottom half of girl's face with blood dripping down her mouth
    Suspense: 4 mins, PG-13

    La Muerte One day a girl is drinking and driving, running away from her problems, The next days she is running for her life.

    woman looking in mirror
    Thriller: 7 mins, PG-13

    Buried Directed by Nicole Peaty Produced by Kaitlyn O'Brien Cynthia is slowly finding out secrets of her mother's past. After mom running out of medication one night, she disappears in the house. Cynthia searches the house trying to calm her down when suddenly she is attached by someone. Cynthia is left fighting for her life against the one person who is suppose to protect her.

    two guys talking over the kitchen counter
    Dark Comedy: 10 mins, PG

    As Seen on TV Produced and Edited by Cody Fansler After the loss of his parents, Adrian tries to cope with his depression by buying absurd gadgets he sees on late night television infomercials. After staying a home for weeks buying these products, his credit card is declined. The infomercial salesman he has been buying from suddenly teleports out of the television world and tries to help Adrian move on with his life.

    Man and woman looking at each other on the street
    Love Story: 5 mins, PG-13

    Growing Older Produced and Directed by Lupe Beccerra Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks? George and Mary, a middle aged couple, will prove this wrong. They will show us how growing older with someone doesn't only mean letting time pass while aging, but instead leaning on each other while learning new hobbies and growing as individuals.

    guy smoking a cigarrette
    Gay: 5 mins, R

    Walking alone Produced and Directed by Juan Cruz III A prostitute questions to endure his ongoing work or to have a new life with his boyfriend.