College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of Cinematic Arts & Technology

2016 Senior Capstone Festival

Spring 2016

Grandma's Card Night
Animation: 4 min 20 sec

Grandma's Card Night Written and Directed by Rose Mercurio Two little girls cause mischief during their grandma's card night with Death.

Narrative Drama: 5 min 2 sec

Closure Directed by Ayana Hawk-Harris Representing gentrification in West Oakland, follow Alita's life as she tires to stay strong for her mother while battling banks to save their house.

Home Sweet Home
Thriller: 10 min 7 sec

Home Sweet Home Written, Directed & Edited by Miguel Lopez Director of Photography: Elias Rodriguez A man experiences great turmoil as he tries to escape his prison of a home.

Experimental: 3 min 17 sec

DE(part)URE Directed by Robert Weiher A layered journey throughout a dream-like state of consciousness.

Documentary: 5 min 47 sec

Solitude Film by Travis Robinson A look inside the life of a homeless man living on Soledad Street in Salinas, California. A new ordinance has been passed by the city of Salinas saying "bulky items" on city property after a 24-hour notice will be confiscated. Van has a plan to gather the collective homeless skills and resources to become interdependent within their community and rival this new law.

Nice Right Hook
Narrative Drama: 3 min 13 sec

Nice Right Hook Written & Directed by Bram O'Bell A teenage boy withholds a secret from his friends!

Togstar Moonchild & the Cosmic Rings
Animation: 5 min 29 sec

Togstar Moonchild & the Cosmic Rings Written & Directed by Matt Pierce Togstar Moonchild and his mighty friends find themselves defending a villiage of frog people from the nefarious BAZILISK. Meanwhile, BAZILISK has troubles of his own. ACTION! DRAMA! ROMANCE! Tune in Saturday mornings for Togstar Moonchild and the Cosmic Rings!

The Date
Narrative Fiction: 5 min 15 sec

The Date Luca Tedesco An older man gets ready for a date after some time without one, and everything goes wrong.

Kevin's Quest
Animation: 3 min 51 sec

Kevin's Quest Written & Directed by Joey Cloud A young pumpkin guards his patch with dignity until a group of bats continue to defecate on his property. It's up to the young pumpkin to find where these bats are coming from and right the wrongs that have been committed against him.

The Art of Storytelling
Narrative: 8 min 24 sec

The Art of Storytelling Written & Directed by Joseph Evans Produced by Joseph Meeker A young writer is attempting to create a new story, but her ideas keep manifesting themselves as characters within her everyday life. One day inspiration strikes, however even she knows that every story must have an ending.

On the Inside
Horror: 6 min 14 sec

On the Inside Directed by Tyler Hall Edited by Keegan McGuire Kimberly wakes up in a haze before getting ready for the day. She heads to the kitchen where she notices that her dining room has been ransacked and there is blood on the floor.

Drama: 5 min 32 sec

Out Jonathan Olds-Janka The story of a man recently released from an over blown drug possession charge.

Dance Like There’s No Music
Narrative Drama: 6 min 59 sec

Dance Like There’s No Music Written & Directed by Kortni Dean Co-Directed & Edited by Jazmin Hernandez Jenny struggles to dance when hit with an unexpected development.

Drama/Comedy: 8 min 5 sec

Paragon Directed by Avery Christmas Produced by Alexander Lopez The bottle drops, glass shatters, and the paragon of justice lies on his couch too lazy to sweep up the shards. Go into the day and world of a vigilante who doesn't feel super.

Holes in Me
Drama: 9 min 10 sec

Holes in Me Written & Directed by Timothy Brown Produced by Thomas Graziano An adaptation of the story Nails in the Fence, a teenage boy must learn to direct his anger before it's too late.

What Happens Now?
Narrative Fiction: 4 min 30 sec

What Happens Now? Written & Directed by Danielle Johnson Brenda, Maya and Janice are best friends. They do not get to see each other very often, but make time at a local restaurant/pub to reconnect and watch the controversial George Zimmerman case play out.

Suspense: 6 min 3 sec

Bunkmate Written & Directed by Katherine Millington Director of Photography: Cristian Duran Edited by Jason Chun An extraordinary escape attempt goes awry after a young prisoner realizes he is being followed.

Narrative Fiction: 5 min 5 sec

Stalling Written & Directed by Nolan Hall In a worn down public restroom Emilia attempts to calm herself down.

Experimental Narrative: 5 min 39 sec

Destination Produced & Directed by Dylan Lewis A man drives home through a crowded and chaotic metropolitan city.