College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of Cinematic Arts & Technology

2014 Senior Capstone Festival

  • A Screening

    Writer/Director: Zack Rowe

    Teletex Technologies presents The Ultimate Screen, a screen to end all screens. No more extraneous televisions, computers, even cell phones. The Ultimate Screen is everything. Everything! Change your life and call 1(800) SCREENS for more information.

    4 min 45 sec


    Brizio's Street Rods Director/Producer: James Maloney Director of Photography/Producer: Eric Dietrich A documentary profiling car customizer Roy Brizio at his warehouse and shop in South San Francisco, Roy Brizio Street Rods. 8 min 45 sec PG

    Choose Your Own Dateventure! Writer/Director/Executive Producer/Editor: Jona Nicklin Producer: Jordan Sanchez Producer: Andrew Turpel Choose Your Own Dateventure is a quirky story filled with romance, action, comedy, and other GIANT surprises. In the film, a young man named Linder pursues the girl of his dreams and is transported into an alternate world where he must prove himself worthy of her love…while encountering some other very interesting characters and obstacles along the way! 11 min 45 sec PG

    Dragon Hunter

    Writer/Director: Kayla Eck

    Compositor/Editor: Lorraine Cardoza

    Parker has quite the imagination; everyday is a new adventure. His mission today: to hunt down the largest dragon he could have imagined. He must find and conquer the dragon...before it conquers him.

    5 min 30 sec


    Eight Director: Genevieve Rico A narrative based drama told from actual events of the life of a young woman who is now surpassing the traumatic experience she encountered at a young age. Now in the aftermath of her recent breakup, Luna is subconsciously forced to go through with seeking counseling while bringing herself to dig up suppressed memories and finally speak out loud about the trauma. 5:11 min PG-13


    Writer/Director/Editor: Airrion Ringer

    A secret agent searches an office. He finds what he is looking for and heads towards the door. Once he exits, he runs into a guard. He takes care of the guard then runs into another, then another, then another fighting his way down to the ground floor trying to ESCAPE.

    3 min 50 sec


    Everybody Dies in a Car Crash

    Writer/Directer/Editer/Score: Derek Housh

    This is an experimental film where immediately after dying in a car crash, a man tells several stories to an empty theater filled only with scattered mannequins.

    5 min


    From Zero to Nine Director/Producer: Trinh Dinh Hali Tsang, a determined teenage girl wants to help move her family out of the Hong Kong “pigeon hole.” The story unfolds through interviews, childhood images, archival footage, and animation to create a comprehensive view into a life filled with ambition and love. 9 min PG-13

    Get Down - Trev Deshon Writer/Director/Producer: Tyler Mitchell-Foster Shortly after Trev Deshon brings a young woman to his home from the club, he awakes to find her stealing all of his money. 4 min 50 sec R

    Internal Struggle

    Writer/Director/VFX Supervisor/Editor: David Blois

    A man’s struggle in social situations can be blamed on the army of tiny people that live inside his internal organs.

    No Matter What Director: Diana Cabrera Following the memoirs of Alma and her parents who work in agriculture. Alma learns the importance of the simple things in life and begins to understand the importance of the sacrifices her parents go through to insure her success in life. 3 min 30 sec PG

    Other Side Writer/Director/Editor: Joseph Padilla A woman tells the story of her journey into a new country. 5 min PG

    Scandalous Sock

    Director: Denise Kelly

    Producer: Zach Brosz

    A woman finds a lacey and mysterious sock under the bed she and her husband share. She first questions her husband but gets nowhere. The woman tries to go about her day but her mind reels with theories until she’s driven to confirm her suspicions and discovers the truth.

    4 min 30 sec



    Director/Editor/Writer: Robert Frost

    A young man’s life isn’t as it seems when objects from his apartment

    begin to disappear.

    4 min 15 sec



    Director: Julio Rodriguez

    The world of the living dead relieved in a music video that is cheerful yet carries a sarcastic tone.

    3 min



    Director/Editor: Sophia Sabin

    Scriptwriter: Jessica Radogna

    A look into sibling rivalry and childhood imagination when a young brother and sister fight over a drawing of a ballerina bringing to life two animated ballerinas who mirror their rivalry with classical ballet.

    5 min


    The Formidable Fall of William Hirsch Writer/Director: Tyler Farnsworth A young gunfighter is hunted by a vengeful posse, led by the devil himself, for theft and murder in the high country of the Wild West. 4 min 15 sec PG-13

    The King Writer/Director: Brian Mattis A man who believes that he is king of the world documents his greatness for future generations of people who aren’t as good as him. 5 min R

    The Law of Six and Three-Quarters

    Writer/Director/Producer: Bre Donofrio

    Editor/Producer: Sara Santini

    A six-year-old girl enacts an interrogation scene for stabbing her teacher…a crime she has yet to commit.

    6 min 30 sec



    Cinematographer/Director: Kyle Stueve

    For many the sky is not the limit, but a playground. Skydivers and pilots share this sky for play and for some transform their perception of what it truly means to live.

    3 min 30 sec



    Writer/Director: Erik Morton

    A man in search of his past suddenly discovers who he is.

    5 min


  • Adapted Producer/Director/Editor: Nathan Hammer A story about the MPC rehabilitation class and the advantages it provides to those with disabilities. 4 min 30 sec PG

    Birthday Wish

    Director/Editor: Alexandra Trejo

    Our oldest sister, Lucy, was gone for 18 years. My family had no clue to her whereabouts, until my younger sister and aunt found her on Facebook. I have taken the lead in forming a relationship with her, and united my mom with her first born once again.

    4 min 30 sec


    Departing Innocence

    Director: Michol Rios

    Taylor tricks his brother, Raleigh, into visiting their mother’s grave on her birthday. Their strained relationship manifests itself in a heated confrontation that leaves the two brothers even more distraught.

    5 min


    Friend Request

    Director: Brian Pierce

    Four friends who only know each other through an online video game, meet for the first time when their guild leader dies and leaves a digital inheritance for his fellow gamers. How will the friends deal with the loss of their guild member, or will the promise of loot get in the way.

    5 min 30 sec



    Directed: Llaritza Rodriguez

    Disillusioned after the death of his wife, Gerardo Fernandez Llamazares, an elderly man living in rural Northern Spain, fights isolation and focuses in finding joy in every day life.

    5 min



    Director/ Producer: Jaymie Lee Moore

    Writer/Assistant Director: Olivia Martigopoulos

    A young woman with a single minded drive to uphold the status quo, begins to unravel as life deviates from her well-made plan.

    8 min 30 sec


    The Maw

    Animator: Jessica Moss

    A dark animation about a child who is isolated from society.

    3 min



    Director/Writer/Producer: Christopher Sims

    Co-Producer: Ronald Butron

    After a chance encounter, a young man discovers he has an immediate connection with a fellow classmate. Through this encounter, the young man is able to step out of his comfort zone, overcome his fears and social anxiety, and find true love.

    (Based on actual events)

    9 minutes and 18 seconds



    Filmmaker: Renelle Traylor

    A single mother trying to raise her children the best way she can by herself. Through all the struggles they have faced the one thing that helped changed their lives was their athletic ability.

    5 min



    Director: Carina Ramirez

    Andy, a young gay man in his early 20’s remembers his last and important moments in life after getting shot by one of his brother's enemies. A week after his funeral, one of his dreams comes true allowing him to finally rest in peace.

    5 min


    Someday Writer/Director: Haiden Citrine A 24 year old woman meets her grave fate when she gets hit by a car before proposing to her longtime partner. 4 min 50 sec PG-13

    Thank You

    Director/Editor: Jen Cameron

    Producer: Amy Ochoa

    The song chosen for this video has a lot of meaning and deserves exposure. The purpose of this video is to give the audience a feel for who the artist is and by also visually experiencing his song. This song will be told in different locations explaining different experiences. Theses experiences will be expressed with different types of shots and techniques that will be visually stunning. The music video will begin with time lapse to illustrate the day starting and then cinematically describing the rest of his day.

    4 min 50 sec



    Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor: Ross Daguio

    Co-Producer/Second Unit Cinematographer/Photographer: Santiago Quintero

    Zusammenhalt is an art film that displays the interconnectedness in the world using a meditative approach by submerging the unconscious mind in an archetypal structure.

    9min 30sec