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World Languages and Cultures

U.S. / Japanese Culture Exchange

The School of World Languages and Cultures and the Kakehashi Project invite you to presentations and conversations about U.S. / Japanese Culture Exchange.

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The Kakehashi project

The Kakehashi Project promotes deeper mutual understanding among the people of Japan and the United States, enables future leaders of Japan-US exchanges to form networks, and helps young people develop wider perspectives to encourage active roles at the global level in the future. More at

Discussion topics

Doshisha University logo
Doshisha University logo

Traditional and Modern Japanese Culture

Doshisha University students will be discussing traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, primarily focusing on the ancient capital, Kyoto. Kyoto was maintained as the capital of Japan between 794AD and 1868AD, when it moved to Edo, modern day Tokyo. Today, Kyoto is seen as a charming city where historic buildings, old traditions and customs still live on. In fact, Kyoto’s historic temples and shrines are still active places for spiritual training. During this discussion you will have the chance to glance at some of the city’s enchantments. We will show you appropriate manners to follow when visiting the local shrines and temples, as well as perform for you a graceful “poetry dance” while wearing traditional kimono.

Sophia University logo
Sophia University logo

Food Culture: Soy Bean and Food Culture Between U.S. and Japan ~ 道 (Dō) Way: Kendō and Shodō

Sophia University students will discuss Japanese Food Culture with a focus on the soybean. During this discussion we will introduce you to the close relationship between the US and Japan. Sophia University students will also provide for you a great opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture and the true meaning of 道 (Dō) via a demonstration of Kendō (Japanese fencing) and Shodō (Japanese calligraphy). The students will be performing while wearing traditional clothing and using authentic materials.

Keio University logo
Keio University logo

Health and Food Education and Infrastructure with Technologies

Japan is well known for its advanced infrastructure with technology, and dietary education. The students of Keio University will focus primarily on robots and transportation in regards to their discussion on Japanese Infrastructure with Technologies. They will also address Japan's emphasis on healthy school lunches and home economic classes.