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Major in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures

The ability to communicate with Spanish speakers and appreciate Hispanic cultures gives you a tremendous advantage in a wide range of careers. Whether on the job or in your community, your Spanish language competency and cultural understanding can help you establish valuable connections in the inter-dependent global community.

Minor: Hispanic Cultures and History Minor

Designed for students working toward careers in the social services, criminal justice, education, business, international entrepreneurship, government, community service, advocacy or similar fields who have an interest in Hispanic cultures but have not yet developed the language skills and abilities necessary for the Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures Minor.

Minor: Spanish Language & Hispanic Cultures Minor

The Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures Minor entails a rather high level of language proficiency and requires a fairly reasonable understanding of the Hispanic cultures. Aside from having to attain and demonstrate intermediate-high level proficiency in the Spanish language (according to ACTFL guidelines), you also attain a basic understanding of the philosophical perspectives (ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and values), behavioral practices (patterns of social interactions), customs and creative patterns (literature, art, music, etc.) of the Hispanic cultures addressed by your learning experiences.

Minor: Latin American Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary Latin American Studies Minor is designed for students who wish to augment their major with knowledge of the history, cultures, politics, economics, societies and ecology of the Latin American region - comprised of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Spanish speaking and French speaking Caribbean. This minor requires proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese and at least 16 semester units or the equivalent in interdisciplinary learning experiences approved by one of the faculty advisors.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that not only immerses you in another culture, but can help you build an understanding of the global community as a whole. You will return with a far higher level of proficiency in the target language and get an edge in today's global job market!

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