College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

World Languages and Cultures

Sample Career Fields where Language Skills Enhance Opportunity


International telecommunications operators

Print and broadcast journalists

International media writers and editors

Translators of books, articles, and reviews


Film production and entertainment media workers

Musicians and theater professionals

Interpreters and translators

Editors for university and other presses


International client relations managers

Office staff and sales personnel

Fashion and merchandise buyers

Human resources managers

Corporate public relations representatives

Textbook representatives and salespeople

Manufacturing, marketing and finance executives

U.S. representatives for foreign companies

International banking and investment executives

International lawyers and patent attorneys

Income tax consultants and accountants in ethnic communities

Specialists for import/export firms

Defense contractors


Peace Corps, AmeriCorps volunteers

Diplomatic corps employees

Court interpreters, U.S. translators and interpreters

Bilingual staff in Federal Agencies (e.g. Social Security, Red Cross, etc.)

U.S. Postal Service

U.S. Customs agents

U.S. Immigration and Naturallzation Service agents

Federal, state and local local law enforcement officials

Homeland Security and other security staff (eg FBI CIA, NSA etc )

Military service personnel


Licensed health care professionals and assistants

Hospital management and staff

Law enforcement officers, Emergency Medical Technicians

Public assistance interviewers

Legal services



Translators of foreign publications in private and public libraries

Classifiers of foreign documents

Research librarians, library acquisition specialists

Computer technicians, programmers and analysts


Elementary-high school language educators

Elementary-high school teachers for bilingual programs

Textbook authors and editors

Language learning software development

Educators in special commercial schools

University comparative literature departments

University foreign language and linguistics departments

University schools of education

University Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESOL)

University foreign study offices

Overseas teaching for private corporations and diplomats' families


Scientific research and translating

Construction and engineering technicians

Technical liaisons for U.S. businesses operating in a foreign country

Archaeology, geology, energy

Museum staff

International intellectual property management information and resources

Multilingual Artificial Intelligence (AI) management and programming


Hotel and resort staff and management

Restaurant staff and management

Travel agents

Travel security representatives

Airline flight attendants

Airport personnel

Foreign travel advisors

Tourist guides

from ACTFL Careers Using Language, January 2018