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Major in Japanese Language and Culture

The JLC major prepares students to be active participants in an ever-shrinking and increasingly interdependent world society, develops literacy in global matters, multiculturalism and cultural diversity, and guides students to achieve an impressive level of language proficiency to be able to communicate effectively in Japanese with well-rounded Japanese cultural knowledge in such areas as history, literature and social sciences.

Minor: Japanese Culture and History

This minor is for students interested in Japan though majoring in a different field, who may wish to work in Japan, or who may wish to work with the Japanese in their careers. As the world's number two economy, Japan is active in almost every area of human endeavor.

Minor: Japanese Language and Culture

This minor is ideal if you have completed your Language Proficiency Requirement in Japanese while majoring in another field, but also want to work in Japan or with the Japanese in your career.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that not only immerses you in another culture but can help you build an understanding of the global community as a whole. You will return with a far higher level of proficiency in the target language and get an edge in today's global job market!

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