Student Affairs and Enrollment Services

Student Affairs

Student Affairs involves many departments, programs, and services that provide a distinctive CSUMB experience. Our focus is on academic success, health and wellness, student leadership, civic engagement, convenient and quality student support, and personal growth and development.

Student Affairs envisions a student centered and learning focused environment. We are here to support you and your success as a student, and are supportive in assisting you in realizing your goal of becoming a CSUMB graduate!

Drug-free schools and campuses regulation biennial report

The biennial review is a comprehensive, evidence-informed practice designed to implement and evaluate campus strategies to prevent high-risk drinking and substance use/abuse among college students. It's a collaborative effort with campus partners. 

2020-22 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Biennial Review



Cal State Monterey Bay will be the premier collegiate athletics brand in the Monterey Bay region and a NCAA DII leader in our pursuit of student-athlete success. We develop our student-athletes to be workforce ready through education, mentoring and training that fosters resiliency, strong communication, teamwork and effective time management.


The Clery compliance program is managed by the Clery Compliance Officer who identifies the adequate campus partners to administer applications and develops strategic initiatives to identify and resolve compliance discrepancies.

Components of the program include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying, notifying, and training Campus Security Authorities
  • Assessing crimes and, if warranted, publishing timely warnings
  • Disclosing the campus' safety and security policies and criminal statistical data
  • Publishing the institutions Annual Security Report

Dean of Students 

Student Life provides a learning environment both in and outside the classroom to promote student retention and success. We strive to keep the university’s commitment to community, service, technology, sustainability, diversity, excellence, innovation, and partnerships as we facilitate students’ development as healthy, culturally competent global citizens.

The Dean of Students office promotes an inclusive campus community and serves as a resource for students and their families. We work closely with the other deans and faculty on the campus to provide support, information, referrals, and facilitate resolution to student concern.

Health and Wellness Services

Health and Wellness Services is comprised of the Campus Health Center, the Personal Growth and Counseling Center, and Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC). We strive to assist members of the CSUMB community in achieving and maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Student Housing and Residential Life

Student Housing and Residential Life provides a rich and unique opportunity for you participate in a convenient living experience within the campus community. With a wide array of students from different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles and attitudes, our aim to allow you to learn more about yourself and others to help make your stay at CSUMB a successful one.

Otter Student Union

The Otter Student Union (OSU) at CSU Monterey Bay is a student-centered 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to be the heartbeat of campus and a bridge to surrounding communities, providing spaces, opportunities, and advocacy that cultivate belonging reflective of CSUMB's founding vision.