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First-generation at CSUMB

First generation student

First, but not alone

Our goal is to celebrate this identity by connecting students to former first-generation faculty and staff.

Our purpose

  1. Foster and increase the sense of belonging and social connectedness for students who identify as first-generation college students.
  2. Provide opportunities for first-generation college students to integrate their college experiences into the world of work.
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Defining first-generation at CSUMB

As defined by the Center for First-Generation Student Success, first-generation students are often categorized simply as those who are the first in their families to attend college. At CSUMB, first-generation indicates students from families where neither parent or guardian completed a four-year or higher college degree. 

You are still considered first-generation if you meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Your parent(s)/guardian(s) went to a trade school.
  • Your parent(s)/guardian(s) went to a community college and took classes.
  • Your parent(s)/guardian(s) went to a community college and have an Associate’s degree.
  • Your sibling(s) graduated from a four-year university.
  • Your parent(s)/guardian(s) attended some college but did not graduate.
  • Your parent(s)/guardian(s) received a four-year degree in another country.

For the most current percentage of first-generation students, see undergraduate enrollment.

Staff and Faculty


You are not alone. Read stories from our first-generation faculty, staff, and students!

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We are proud to have a community of first-generation faculty and staff helping shape the future of our university!