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Basic Needs

Basic Needs refers to the food, housing and overall wellness security of our community. Having one’s basic needs met has a direct impact on the academic performance, mental health, physical health, professional development and holistic wellbeing of our students.


The CSUMB Basic Needs Initiative endeavors to support students to be successful by ensuring their basic needs are met through resources, access and advocacy.

If you know of anyone that would benefit from more access to resources, please complete our Basic Needs referral form.

basic needs initiative @ CSUMB

Basic Needs 5 Most Accessed Services:

Contact Basic Needs

Phone: 831-582-4081

Email: Send an email

Building: Student Center, Building 12

Office Hours: Fall 2022 Hours Coming Soon

Meet the Team


Joanna Snawder-Manzo

Care Manager

Favorite Dish to Cook: Enchilada casserole! 

Self Care Activity: Walking the dog, running, listening to music, podcasts, cooking, reading, writing 

Why Basic Needs?: When I joined the CSUMB community in December of 2015, I became quickly aware of what the barriers for so many of our students are: having their basic needs met. A lack of wellness security permeates all aspects of existence. We are no longer in an era where the narrative of a "starving college student" can be laughed off as a rite of passage. Our students are in need and it is our duty to support them. I repeatedly observe how the additional resources and support can make the difference in the persistence of our students and the actual goal, which is student success. Over the years we have worked hard to build up the resources in this critical area and am thrilled to see where we are now!

Ashley Ramsden

Basic Needs Case Manager

Favorite Dish to Cook: anything with cheese! 

Self Care Activity: talking with friends and working out 

Why Basic Needs: I have long believed that access to education is a life-changing opportunity and one that should be available to anyone, regardless of background, identity, or family status. I am so happy to be able to work with students to make sure their basic wellness security needs are met and to remove those barriers that may prevent them from obtaining their goal of higher education.

Basic Needs Student Team

Claire Karo

Master of Social Work Intern

Loyce Bryant

Collaborative Health and Human Services Intern

Mad Bolander

Basic Needs Student Assistant 
Favorite Dish to Cook: Paneer Tikka Masala 
Self Care Activity: Hiking with a good book
Why Basic Needs: It is my highest goal in life to offer advocation and kindness to all.

Molly Leach

Basic Needs Student Assistant

Favorite Dish to Cook: Anything for breakfast

Self Care Activity: Cleaning and organizing my space
Why Basic Needs: I wanted to get involved with the on campus community after missing time due to the pandemic and I wanted to do something that would directly benefit other students.

Pre Kharat

Basic Needs Student Assistant