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About the Dean of Students Office

Welcome to CSUMB and the website for the Dean of Students! 

The Dean of Students Office is here to provide care, support, advocacy, and accountability for all our students, in collaboration with faculty and staff across the university. The Office includes Basic Needs, First Year Experience, Second Year Experience, Recreation, Student Engagement and Leadership. These programs and services offer a wealth of resources and support during your time at CSUMB. We're here to help you navigate your campus experience. 

As the first in my family to attend college, I know that college can be exciting, overwhelming, and complex to navigate, so I encourage you to utilize all the campus resources and ask questions. There’s no one on this campus that knows the answer to every question you will have during your time here, but our office can always support you in finding the answer. We work closely with the other deans, staff and faculty on the campus to provide support, information, and referrals, and to facilitate resolution to student issues and problems.

Clementina Macias

As your Dean, I want to encourage you to get involved whether it be joining a club or student organization, getting an on-campus job, finding an internship, or research opportunity. These experiences will take your education to another level, assist in making new friends, provide career preparation, and build professional networks. I am excited to have you as a valued member of the Otter Family and I look forward to working with you. Do not hesitate to approach me whenever you see me around campus.

I invite you to visit our office in Sand Hall (Bldg 8), for resources and support or share your feedback, questions, or concerns by emailing or calling 831-582-4081.

Go Otters!

Clementina C. Macias, MA

Dean of Students and

Interim Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

California State University, Monterey Bay