American Language and Culture Program (ALCP)

The American Language and Culture Program (ALCP) provides an opportunity to learn and/or enhance English from knowledgeable, friendly (ESL) experts. The program is for students who wish to improve their English skills for professional development or academic preparation.

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This is a SACM approved English Program

Program Formats

Program Description
4-Week Sessions Students study American Language and Culture for 4 weeks
8-Week Sessions Students study American Language and Culture for 8 weeks
16-Week (Semester) Sessions

Students study American Language and Culture following the traditional academic calendar.

Conditional Admission Students may apply for the ALCP and a degree program at the same time. Once English language requirements have been met, conditionally admitted students will transition into university studies.
Customized Programs ALCP also offers customized programs to CSUMB partners and group of participants. Please contact to inquire about these programs
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Session Dates

Session Dates
Spring 2019 Session I (8 weeks) January 22 – March 15
Spring 2019 Session II (8 weeks)
March 22 – May 17
Summer 2019 Session I June 1 - June 28
Summer 2019 Session II July 1 - July 31
Fall 2019 Session I ( 8 weeks) August 26 - October 18
Fall 2019 Session II ( 8 weeks October 21st- December 20

Estimated program fees

Description 4 Week costs (may vary if custom-designed) 8 Week costs 16 Week costs
Program fee $1,000/week* $2,850 $5,700
Campus Service Fee Included in program fee $39 $39
Health Insurance (required) Included in program fee $250 $500
Housing and Meals* Included in program fee Approx. $3,690 Approx. $7,590
Total $4,000 Approx. $6,829 Approx. $13,829

Semester-long Conditional Admission students will have the same fee structure as all other visiting CSUMB international students.

*Housing & Meals: ALCP students can live either with an American family in a homestay arrangement, in which 2 meals are provided, or on campus with a meal plan. 4-week program fee is inclusive of housing and meals; 8- and 16-week housing and meal costs listed above are estimated typical expenses and will vary by personal preference and housing availability.

All costs are approximate, and may vary by program format, housing availability, personal preference, & circumstance. Prices are subject to change without notice.


All ALCP students will take an English Placement test during the mandatory orientation at the beginning of the term. Students will automatically be enrolled in the appropriate level courses based on test scores. No action is required prior to arrival at CSUMB.

Students in all programs will be given the opportunity to learn the following core skills:

  • Oral and written communication in an academic setting
  • Grammar and pronunciation
  • Public speaking, including classroom presentations
  • Listening/comprehension and note taking strategies
  • Successful communication strategies in American culture
  • Ability to effectively navigate U.S. university environments
ALCP courses

Course descriptions

The ALCP curriculum is made up of the following courses designed to integrate academic skills and cultural literacy.


This course focusses on the demands of reading for American university courses. The class includes vocabulary development, relevant background information and cultural contexts. Students will learn various strategies for understanding words in context, textbook organization and research materials. The course is designed for international students who plan to attend university in the United States.

Oral Communication

This class includes listening and speaking skills, pronunciation, presentation skills and verbal interaction in American university settings. Students practice conversation and discussion skills to communicate effectively with professors and fellow students. This class is highly interactive.

Academic Writing and Editing

This class trains students to plan, organize and write academic essays in a variety of subjects. Students learn professional writing techniques, organizational structures and citation requirements. Students will learn to edit their own work as well as the work of others.

American Culture

This course covers many aspects of American culture and university life. Students will learn the roots of American ideology, customs and beliefs. The class emphasizes cultural diversity and necessary background information for understanding American people and institutions.

Language Lab

The language lab uses the latest technology to assist students in acquiring a variety of language skills, including pronunciation, grammar, self-correction, listening comprehension, and new vocabulary. The lab complements the ALCP coursework and provides enrichment and continued practice for all levels. One-on-one tutoring and conversation practice for specific purposes may also be included.

Sample course timetable

9am-12pm Academic Reading, Oral Communication 
9am-12pm Academic Writing and Editing, 1-3pm American Culture/Academic Readiness
9am-12pm Academic Reading, Oral Communication
9am-12pm Academic Writing and Editing, 1-3pm American Culture/Academic Readiness
9am-12pm Academic Readiness Seminar (Level 4), Electives 

Program Fee Includes

  • Up to 20 hours of classroom instruction per week with highly qualified instructors
  • Orientation and placement test
  • Flexible campus meal plan options and/or homestay meals
  • Health/medical insurance and on-campus Student Health Center
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off (4 week summer programs only, or by custom arrangement) or assistance with airport transfer (all other ALCP programs)
  • Welcome & closing ceremonies
  • Course completion certificate & transcript
  • Dedicated student advisors
  • Day trip to local attractions
  • Organized opportunities to socialize with American students and practice English
  • Full access to campus facilities and services
  • Free local transportation
  • Housing coordination is provided for students. Students may live on campus or with a homestay family, depending on their program format, start date, and housing availability.

Why choose ALCP at CSUMB?

ALCP Student Picnic Fall 2014
  • CSUMB's International Programs Office is staffed with dedicated people, passionate about helping international students.
  • You'll be part of a friendly, residential campus and have many opportunities to make friends while improving your English.
  • You'll receive assistance and advice should you choose to apply for full admission to CSU Monterey Bay.
  • Students can enroll in ALCP without taking the TOEFL or other English proficiency test. In addition, students who wish to study English in an academic program at CSUMB, but do not meet the language requirements may apply for both the ALCP and conditional admission to a degree program. Once students meet the English language requirements they may apply to CSUMB and begin their studies.
  • The friendly staff of the ALCP will help you to adjust to life in America and American culture. We offer ample opportunities on how to succeed int eh U.S. and at CSUMB.
  • ALCP students have multiple possible options for housing. Housing may be either in a supportive home stay family environment, or on-campus, within easy access to classrooms, dining facilities, sports facilities and much more. Housing is dependent on the selected program, start date and availability.



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