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Study AbrOtters Spotlights

Learn why they decided to go abroad, the challenges they faced, the best parts of their journeys, and more.

AY 2023-2024

Bryan Auza

Bryan Auza is a Social & Behavioral Sciences major. He studied abroad at the University of Kitakyushu in Japan 2023-2024.

Read more about his experience in Japan.

Summer 2023

Peter Chavez

A Summer in Spain with Peter

Peter is a Business Administration major. He studied abroad at Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Spain.

Read more about his experience in Spain.

Spring 2023

Erin is a Cinematic Arts and Technology major. She studied abroad at Deakin University in Australia (Spring 2023). 

Read more about her adventures in Australia

Fall 2022

Malia and her roommates


Malia is a Human Development and Family Science major and a Japanese Language and Culture minor. Malia studied abroad at Nanzan University in Japan this past fall 2022.

Check out her photo journal of her adventures

Summer 2021

Spring 2020

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#StudyAbrOtters class of 2020!

The Education Abroad Team is excited to announce that 146 students among the graduating class of 2020 (6%) participated in an Education Abroad program or National Student Exchange program while studying at CSUMB. We are proud of these students and the commitment they took to embark in a journey that took them to a foreign country or a different U.S. state/territory for a short-term, a semester, or a year.

See the yearbook for the #StudyAbrOtters class of 2020!


Seryna transitions into adult independence in Denmark

"Studying abroad is full of ups and downs. The high points are amazing, and they show you just how adventurous life can be when you're exploring new places on your own. The low points are incredibly stressful and isolating, but I've learned so much from them..."

Read Seryna's story

Alyse Bondi

Alyse faces unexpected challenges in Australia

My experience studying abroad in Queensland, Australia was filled with unexpected challenges and incredible rewards. I was only in Australia for two months before the pandemic caused me to be sent home on March 21.

Read Alyse's Story

Winter 2020

Nina Cornelius

Nina lives in the moment in Costa Rica

Growing up, I wasn’t a part of the kind of family that took vacations to Disneyland or Hawaii. Coming from a low-income family, my dreams of becoming a first generation college student were barely realized, so studying abroad, a passion of mine, did not seem realistic or possible.

Read Nina's Story

Summer 2019

Lauren Cooper - Summer 2019

10 Tips for Future Study AbrOtters by Lauren

After my time abroad, I found that it is best to keep an open mind in most situations. You are going to meet a lot of people from different parts of the world, and they might not all think or share the same opinions as you, but that is okay! This is all part of learning about cultures different from your own. And who knows, you might actually learn something from them or vice versa.

Read Lauren's Tips

Carelen Matias in Bogotá

Carelen Explores Bogotá with City Locals

The experience to study abroad is one of the best decisions I could have made. I learned many things, I interacted with other people, I met another culture and especially I experienced another educational system.

Read Carelen's Story

Spring 2019

Karina Salcedo

Karina's Rewarding and Life-changing Decision

As a first-generation, low-income student, the idea of traveling and studying abroad seemed almost impossible. My parents were aware of my dream; however, for them it was unattainable. Not only because they could not support me financially but also because they did not understand how it was a unique opportunity.

Read Karina's Story

Fall 2018

Skylar Wolfe

Skylar Explores Her Family Roots in the East Coast

Another continent seemed like an impossible feat, but the East Coast? I could do that. With some of my immediate family originating from the other side of the country, I felt a strong need to explore my roots.

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Summer 2018

Mark Cox in the Netherlands

Meet Mark, a thrice Study AbrOtter!

I think I have been firmly bitten by the travel bug. I see myself living in at least a few different places around the world. Teaching English somewhere might be exciting or, alternatively, I might just open the best bakery in town.

Read Mark's Story

Marco Rangel

Marco's Dreams Come True in Spain

My journey in order to arrive to Madrid or Seoul was not easy. Within these experiences I can talk about all the things I learned. However what stuck to me the most was understanding how fortunate I was.

Read Marco's Story

Celina Waddy

Celina Found Herself in Mexico

At first, the days were packed and the nights were lonely. But then something clicked within me. I began to walk forward briskly and then run and then skip my way forward around the city. I embraced the mistakes. Every fumbled and mispronounced word. Every wrong bus route taken. I kept moving forward. Silencing the little shutters of fears that repeatedly attempted to break their way into my reality.

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Leslie Gonzalez

Leslie's Whirlwind Adventure in South Korea

Every morning, we had the opportunity to learn something new about Korean culture. We got to try playing traditional instruments, ceramics, TaeKwondo, etc. We all got to wear traditional Han Bok! It was fun to wear it and drink tea. Of course, like any good traveller, I tried all of the food!

Read Leslie's Story

Summer 2017

Elvira Paredes

Elvira enjoys the rich culture, extravagant cuisine, and daily life in South Korea

As scared as you might be, this next chapter in your life is full of memorable experiences that you will look back on for the rest of your life, so look forward to being afraid.

Read Elvira's Story