Extended Education and International Programs

Education Abroad

Short-term (summer/winter)

Shake up your summer/winter routine. Explore an exotic location, earn credits toward graduation, and have the experience of a lifetime!

Congratulations on starting your study abroad journey! 

Applying for Education Abroad is not difficult, but it does take time and careful planning. It is important that you follow all steps carefully and in order, and that you start planning with plenty of time to complete the process!

Pre-acceptance phase

    1. Pick your top 3 countries/programs.
      1. Summer programs
      2. Winter programs
      3. Virtual International Passport (VIP) programs
    2. Look up possible courses, application requirements and deadlines.
    3. Research your scholarship options.
  • Education Abroad 101 workshops will be held virtually throughout the semester. Join Education Abroad's MyRaft for events and updates. 

    1. Research courses at host university/program that could potentially fulfill your GE, GE electives, major, major electives, minor, and/or minor elective requirements.

    Note: There is no minimum number of credits to attend a short-term program; nevertheless, if you are planning to use financial aid, you need to take a minimum of the equivalent of 6 U.S. credits

  • Book a virtual appointment with the education abroad advisor through MyRaft.

    1. Talk to your Academic Advisor about your top 3 university/program options, academic requirements that could be completed abroad, your graduation plan, etc.
    2. Get your Education Abroad Academic Approval Form signed by your Academic Advisor and the Education Abroad Coordinator. Then submit the original form to the Registrar's Office. A copy of the form must also be uploaded to the "Pre-acceptance" section of the Education Abroad Application (in Horizons). GE Course Approval Steps by the University College Dean. 
      1. Note: If you are taking a course simply for cultural enrichment, you still need an Academic Approval Form signed.

Post-acceptance Phase

    1. Complete and submit application to Exchange Partner University or CSUMB Affiliate program.
      1. The sooner you complete your application, the sooner it can be processed and then you will receive the necessary documents for your visa application (if applicable), housing, etc.
  • Submit the following information within the "post-acceptance" section of the Education Abroad Application.

    1. Upload your flight itinerary.
    2. Confirm participation in Education Abroad program.
    1. Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation.
      1. Summer/Fall orientation is typically held in April.
      2. Winter/Spring orientation is typically held in December.
    • Pass your classes.
    • If needed, check in with the Education Abroad Team.
    • Have a great time and share your experience with us through social media! Follow @csumbinternational on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #StudyAbrOtters