Extended Education and International Programs

Education Abroad

Short-term (summer/winter)

Shake up your summer/winter routine. Explore an exotic location, earn credits toward graduation, and have the experience of a lifetime!

Congratulations on starting your study abroad journey! 

Applying for Education Abroad is not difficult, but it does take time and careful planning. It is important that you follow all steps carefully and in order, and that you start planning with plenty of time to complete the process!

Pre-acceptance phase

    • Review our program offerings focusing on each program's course list and application deadlines. 
    • Research courses at the host university/program that align with your academic goals, ensuring they fulfill GE, major, minor, or elective requirements.
    • Note that you must be enrolled in at least 6 CSUMB units to use financial aid for summer and winter programs.
    • The Education Abroad 101 workshops will be held virtually. Join the Education Abroad group in MyRaft to view dates and registration links.
    • If you are not able to attend an Education Abroad 101, please schedule an appointment with the Education Abroad Advisor through MyRaft.
    • Select a program (or programs) and collaborate with your CSUMB Academic Advisor to obtain academic approval for chosen courses using the Education Abroad Academic Approval Form 
      • This form must be signed by your Academic Advisor and the Education Abroad Advisor. 
      • A copy of the form must also be uploaded to the "Pre-acceptance" section of the Education Abroad Application (see step 4 below).
        • Once approved by the appropriate major advisor and/or GE representative, this worksheet will facilitate the transfer of course credit toward your major, minor, and GE requirements.
        • NOTE: Remember that studying abroad may affect your graduation date. It may take anywhere from 2-6 months for CSUMB to receive your official transcript. This may result in the need to delay your graduation to a future term.
    • Complete and submit the pre-acceptance section of the Education Abroad Application through the Uni-hub application system.
    • Make sure your financial aid is in order, apply for scholarships, and budget for your time abroad.
    • Research flight options (don't buy until you are fully admitted to the program).
    • Apply or renew your passport (must be valid at least 6 months past your return to the U.S.)
    • How to get your unofficial transcripts
    • Once your nomination has been accepted, apply to your Host University or CSUMB affiliate program.
      • NOTE: You cannot apply with your host university until you have been nominated by the CSUMB study abroad team.
      • The sooner you complete your application, the sooner it can be processed and then you will receive the necessary documents for your visa application (if applicable), housing, etc.
    • Once your acceptance to your program of choice has been confirmed, apply for your student visa, if required. 
    • Work with the CSUMB Education Abroad Advisor if you have any questions about the process of applying. 
    • Remember to adhere to the information and steps provided by your host university for obtaining your visa.

Post-acceptance Phase

    • Upload flight information to Education Abroad post-acceptance application.
    • Confirm participation in your Education Abroad program.
    • Summer/Fall orientations are typically held in April.
    • Winter/Spring orientations are typically held in December.
    • Pass your classes
    • If needed, check in with the Education Abroad team
    • Have a great time and share your experience with us through social media! Follow @csumbinternational on Instagram #StudyAbrOtters