Extended Education and International Programs

Open University

Open University FAQ

  • Open University applies to the Fall and Spring regular session courses. Academic year dates can be found at csumb.edu/academic-calendar. Non-CSUMB Open University students must register on the first day of class.

    Community members may also take classes during the Extended Education Winter and Summer special sessions. Community members may register for these special sessions along with all other students on the first day of the registration period

  • Classes are offered online and/or on-campus. Some classes offered on-campus may be offered online during another term. There are also courses offered as hybrid classes, which meet on-campus and online.

  • All Fall and Spring CSUMB undergraduate classes across the University are available through Open University with the instructor's permission.

  • Open University students for Spring and Fall terms can register on the first day of classes. For Winter and Summer registration information, please visit the Winter/ Summer websites.

  • Courses offered through Open University may transfer to other institutions, but credit assignment would be dependent on the other institution's transfer credit regulations.

  • No. Admission to the University is not necessary. The Open University Program was designed to increase access to classes for people who are not formal, degree-seeking students at California State University Monterey Bay.

  • Yes. Classes taken through Open University at CSUMB are included in your official CSUMB academic record. Up to 24 units of credit taken through Open University may be applied towards a baccalaureate degree at CSUMB.

  • Open University students can only take classes that have space available on the first day of class. Even if a class is full, Open University students may ask the instructor if they may attend during the first two weeks, in case a student drops the class.

  • No. However, in some cases you may need to provide proof to the instructor that you have met the requirements to take the course.

  • Credit/No credit grade basis is determined by the instructor and listed in the course schedule, if available. Auditing a course as an Open University student is not permitted.

  • Students who receive financial aid and have saved enough of the aid award (in their own accounts) may use those funds toward tuition. Please meet with a financial aid counselor to discuss your options.

  • Full-time students from other institutions are eligible to take courses at CSUMB through Open University. Typically, this is done during the vacation time of your home institution.

  • Yes. In fact, taking Open University classes is a great way to raise your GPA or complete missing CSUMB admission requirements.

  • No. However, you may be able to transfer a maximum of 24 units, which could be used to meet graduation requirements depending on the institution you are wishing to graduate from. Please address any admissions or graduation questions to the appropriate department on the campus you are wishing to graduate from.

  • No, Open University students may take classes at their own pace.

  • Most everything is available to Open University students, similar to admitted, degree-seeking students. They may play on intramural sports teams, but are not permitted to play Division II sports. Gym membership is available, as well as access to all dining facilities, the library, and the Student Center.

  • Open University students are not eligible for on campus housing. 

  • There is no age limit, however enrollment in courses is at the discretion of the instructor teaching the course.

  • Yes, Open University students will be assigned a CSUMB email address. Please check this regularly, as it is the main means of contact with your professors and the campus. CSUMB email accounts will only remain active while you are enrolled in a course at CSUMB.

    • After the add/drop period any request to drop a class or classes will be considered a class withdrawal and is only considered for a serious and compelling reasons. The student must be able to provide supporting documentation for the reason. An approved withdrawal is not an "F" on the student record.
    • To request a withdrawal refer to the withdrawal procedures and submit appropriate forms to the University College and Graduate Studies. The Dean and Provost must approve the request.
    • Medical/Military withdrawals should be turned in to the Office of the Registrar and do not require a Dean's Signature. All other withdrawals will need review and signature from the Dean of your College.

    Note: Students are responsible for requesting refunds to tuition.