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Go abroad for a semester/year-long program

Congratulations on starting your study abroad journey!

Applying for Education Abroad is not difficult, but it does take time and careful planning. It is important that you follow all steps carefully and in order, and that you start planning with plenty of time to complete the process!

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  • By studying abroad through our trusted partner universities, you can choose from 100+ amazing locations and program types!

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  • Please note these are RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY and that you must consult your academic advisor and obtain course approval prior to studying abroad if you wish to transfer credits.

    Education Abroad can also be a great opportunity to study subjects beyond your major, if your academic plan allows.

  • Have you completed steps 1-6 below? Are you ready to embark on an adventure guaranteed to change your life? Start your application today!

  • After working with the Education Abroad Coordinator to select an exchange program that fits your needs, meet with your Academic Advisor to obtain signature for approval of courses. Each major/department has granted authority to different individuals to approve course transfer, check with your academic adviser to obtain the signature from the proper authority.

    How to get GE courses approved

  • Did you know you can access the study abroad app from your dashboard? Just search for "Study Abroad" in the list of More Apps!

How to apply for a semester/year-long program: Step by step guide

Download the Education Abroad semester/year-long program application checklist!

Pre-acceptance phase

    1. Research your options from the list below and pick your top 3 countries/programs.
      1. Semester/year-long programs
      2. CSU International Programs (CSU system exchanges – semester and year-long options available)
      3. National Student Exchange (U.S., Canada, and U.S. territories)
    2. Look up possible courses, application requirements and application deadlines.
    3. Research your scholarship options.
    1. Education Abroad 101 sessions are held Mondays 12-1PM in Gavilan Hall (Building 201) Annex.
    1. Research courses at host university/program that could potentially fulfill your GE, GE electives, major, major electives, minor, and/or minor elective requirements.
    2. Make sure that host university/program offers enough courses for you to take at least 12 CSUMB credits per semester during your time abroad.
    1. Complete a pre-advising form before meeting with the Education Abroad Coordinator.
    2. Email us to set up an advising appointment
    3. Talk to your Education Abroad Coordinator about any concerns, health issues or disabilities that may require support while abroad.
    1. Talk to your Academic Advisor about your top 3 university/program options, academic requirements that could be completed abroad, your graduation plan, etc.
    2. Get your Academic Approval Form signed by your Academic Advisor and the Education Abroad Coordinator. Then submit the original form to the Registrar's Office. A copy of the form must also be uploaded to the "Pre-acceptance" section of the Education Abroad Application (in Horizons). GE courses are approved by Dean Roney.
      1. Once approved by the appropriate major advisor and/or GE representative, this worksheet will facilitate the transfer of course credit toward your major, minor and GE requirements.
      2. NOTE: Remember that studying abroad may affect your graduation date. It may take anywhere from 2-6 months for CSUMB to receive your official transcript. This may result in the need to delay your graduation to a future term.
      3. Additionally, students may not continue to enroll in coursework towards their undergraduate degree beyond their graduation date, including study abroad. For example, a student who applied for spring graduation may not complete a study abroad course in the summer as part of their undergraduate degree. Additional enrollment options may be available.

Post-acceptance Phase

    1. Complete and submit application to exchange partner university or CSUMB affiliate program.
      1. The sooner you complete your application, the sooner it can be processed and then you will receive the necessary documents for your visa application (if applicable), housing, etc.
    1. Upload CSUMB Health Clearance Form to Education Abroad post-acceptance application.
    2. Upload flight information to Education Abroad post-acceptance application.
    3. Confirm participation in Education Abroad program.
    1. Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation.
      1. Summer/Fall orientations are typically held in April.
      2. Winter/Spring orientations are typically held in December.
    • Pass your classes
    • Id needed, check in with the Education Abroad Team
    • Have a great time and share your experience with us through social media! Follow @csumbinternational on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #StudyAbrOtters