Extended Education and International Programs

Education Abroad


We believe that studying abroad is among the most enriching experiences a student can have while in college. We also understand that financial constraints sometimes limit a student’s opportunities to study abroad.

In an effort to minimize financial concerns, we have made many scholarships available to our students, and we are always on the lookout for private scholarships that our students might be eligible for.

Feel free to browse the options we've compiled here, and be sure to look in every direction for scholarships! Search online for scholarships related to your country of choice, your GPA, ethnic background, political party, religious affiliation, community organizations, or special interests of yours. You never know what groups might be interested in helping you realize your study abroad dreams!

Know of an opportunity that you don't see listed? Please be sure to contact us so we can look into it.

Download the cost comparison worksheet.

Helpful hints for applying to scholarships

  • Do not write a generic statement. Answer all questions fully and with critical thought.
  • Write about you, your family, your hopes and expectations of the future. Do not hesitate to make it PERSONAL. If you are the first generation to go to college, SAY SO. If you have overcome personal hurdles, SAY SO! Application reviewers want to know YOU and why YOU want to go abroad and why YOU picked the country to which you are applying.
  • Drafts should be reviewed and edited by ASAP (the on-campus writing assistance program).
  • Have someone read your essay before you take it to the Writing tutors. Then have someone else read it after you edit it.
  • If you submit your application to the International Programs office at least two weeks before the deadline, we’ll edit it as well.
  • Make sure to turn in your application and attachments BEFORE it is due! Look at the time the application is due and consider the time difference between California (Pacific Time) and where it’s due (especially true of international scholarships – some places are nearly a full day ahead of us!)
  • Talk to your financial adviser at CSUMB for campus specific scholarships.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or need any help.