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Warm up to... Winter @CSUMB!

Winter @CSUMB is an extraordinary opportunity to take classes to get ahead, stay on track, or pursue a new interest. Classes are available online or on-campus. Whether you are completing GE or major requirements, you can enjoy smaller classes and a more intimate academic experience. Raise your GPA and graduate sooner, saving you time and money.

Registration opens October 21st!

  • Continuing CSUMB students: Online registration is available through OASIS following the regular registration process.
  • Non-CSUMB students: Register by submitting the Winter@ CSUMB Registration Form. Classes can be taken for credit or for personal enrichment.
Winter 2020 Class Schedule

Winter 2020 Class Schedule is available now!

Featured course:

Register for Winter@CSUMB

Register for Winter@CSUMB to get ahead! Check out the course schedule to see available online and on campus, 2 or 4 week courses. $500 scholarships are offered for students who qualify.

October 23, 2019


Winter 2020 Class Schedule

Winter @CSUMB Dates

Winter 2020 4 Weeks Session 2 Weeks Session         
Term datesDec 23, 2019 - Jan 17, 2020Jan 6 - Jan 17, 2020
Winter 2019 course schedule postedOct 8, 2019Oct 8, 2019
Registration opensOct 21, 2019Oct 21, 2019
Winter scholarship application opensOct 21, 2019Oct 21, 2019
Winter scholarship application deadlineNov 1, 2019Nov 1, 2019
Payment due date*Dec 6, 2019Dec 6, 2019
Disenrollment for non-paymentDec 9, 2019Dec 9, 2019
Last day to drop all classes to receive full refund Dec 23, 2019Jan 6, 2020
First day of instructionDec 23, 2019Jan 6, 2020
Last day to add Dec 23, 2019 Jan 6, 2020
Last day to drop Dec 24, 2019Jan 7, 2020
Last day of instructionJan 17, 2020Jan 17, 2020
Due date for instructors to post grades in OASISJan 24, 2020Jan 24, 2020
Grades posted to student records after Jan 25, 2020after Jan 25, 2020

*After the Payment Due Date, students that have not paid their Winter tuition will be dropped from their course(s). Registrations after the Payment Due Date must include payment.

Fees are due at time of registration for non-CSUMB degree track students.


$280.00 per unit + $39.00 campus fee

Please note: additional course/lab fees may apply.

A $500 scholarship is available to students who qualify.

$500 Special Sessions Scholarship

Limited $500 scholarships are available to students who qualify. Apply early!

Application opens: October 21, 2019 at 8:30 am

Application deadline: November 1, 2019 at 4:30 pm

Learn more about the scholarship

Winter @ CSUMB

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