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Maricela Aboytes

Maricela Aboytes graduated with a Comparative American Studies concentration in Spring of 2013. After graduation, Aboytes admits, “I was more than afraid of what the ‘outside’ world had in store for me but I knew I had to get used to the idea that my daily routine as an undergraduate student had to change.” Aboytes was accepted into the Organization & Leadership graduate program at USF and recently completed her first semester. “I am truly enjoying the O&L program at USF and the commute is not bad at all,” she explains. “Also, I am currently the Bilingual Community Liaison for Seaside Middle School. I must say that obtaining my BA in Human Communication has allowed me to create positive changes and has allowed me to make a difference in my current and past employments. "Obtaining this degree has also given me the confidence to enter any field and has prepared me as a professional.”

Image of Maricela Aboytes