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Ellen Correa

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Ellen Correa graduated in 2001 with a self-crafted concentration in Multicultural Conflict Resolution. She went on to earn her M.A. in Intercultural Relations through Antioch University MacGregor. Her thesis emerged from her experience teaching HCOM and Service-Learning courses as she pursued her M.A., and was a case study titled “A great challenge: A study of the experience and success of generation 1.5 Latinos/as at California State University Monterey Bay.

She is currently working and teaching for the Civic Engagement and Service-Learning office as she completes her PhD in Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

As a nontraditional age re-entry student Ellen credits her HCOM experience with, “opening my eyes, my mind, and my heart to ideas, people, and perspectives that changed my life!”

She is co-author with Dawn Lovegrove of “Making the rice: Latina performance testimonies of hybridity, assimilation, and resistance” published in the journal Equity & Excellence in Education. Ellen reveals that “the genesis for that piece came directly from journals I wrote for my HCOM intercultural communication class. In fact it was in HCOM classes where I discovered my writing voice and honed my skills.”

She has also authored a chapter in the forthcoming anthology, Crafting Critical Stories: Toward Pedagogies and Methodologies of Collaboration, Inclusion & Voice, co-edited by HCOM alum Judith Flores Carmona & Kristen Luschen. Her dissertation will be an (auto) ethnographic study tentatively titled “Bootstrap Boricuas: My family performing and exploring cultural assimilation.”

Ellen cannot contain her enthusiasm for the transformative education she received at CSUMB and says, “HCOM started me on a lifelong journey to fulfill my potential as an academic and as a person. I am forever grateful.”