College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of Cinematic Arts & Technology

2013 Senior Capstone Festival

  • Actively Environmental: The Other NAACP

    Writer, Director, Co-Producer, Editor & Sound Design by Dawn Arredondo

    Co-Producer & Cinematography by Anthony Valdez

    A radical extremist environmental group who is obsessed with surviving the apocalypse are being sued by the NAACP for using their acronym on the internet.


    Big Sur Written, Directed, Cinematography, Edited & Produced by Stephen Miller Experience the natural wonder as camera and sound bring to life the mesmerizing beauty that encompasses an area of the central coast known as Big Sur.


    Directed, Edited, Produced & Written by Leanna Munoz

    Have your inspiration come to life.


    Boredom Under Fire

    Written & Produced by Michael Marks-Nino

    Directed & Co-Wrote by Rachel Kellum

    Co-Produced & Edited by Serena Bramble

    Two American soldiers in an observation post end up fighting boredom and each other more than insurgents.



    Directed, Edited & Written by Sarah Legg

    Cinematography, Edited & Written by Owen Patry

    A young woman, intrigued by an age old question visits her mother in search of guidance “How do you know when you've met the one?” Together they embark on a journey through time.


    Esperanza (Hope) trailer

    Esperanza (Hope)

    Written & Directed by Sergio Campos Jr.

    Assistant Directed & Music Composed by Elizabeth Palomar

    The struggle of Esperanza, an undocumented High School girl with a passion for music and education, who also deals with an abusive father.


    Keep Fort Ord Wild Directed by Marc Royal ll If we open our eyes we can see true beauty in our own backyard. The purpose of this documentary is to inspire the masses to enjoy fort ord. PG

    Inyeon Written, Directed & Edited by Cassandra Bell Produced & Sound Design by Anthony Recio A long distance relationship attached by a string. PG-13

    Mind Over Matter

    Written, Produced & Directed by Alexandria Jones

    Welcome to the world of Mind Over Matter. Emerson College where you can catch Nia Miller on stage doing her thing or maybe her boyfriend, David Young on a slightly different stage performing Spoken word. Definitely expect to run into her roommate, Lana Montgomery on her mission to save the earth. From annoying neighbors to meddling roommates there is never a dull moment.. On the other side of campus we’d see Kenry, Jason and Germaine, the brothers of Alpha Psi Sigma showing the other side of Greek Life, it isn’t all parties and paddles.

    PG 13

    Please, Tell Someone Dear Written, Edited, & Directed by Margo Flitcraft Joan is a female veteran recently home from war dealing with the flashbacks and triggers that come from post-traumatic stress disorder. After an exceptionally long day of group therapy and a job that she hates, she finds a way to break down her walls and finally face her issues in a head on. R

    Satan Vs. God Directed & Produced by Darren Gallaher John referred to as God, is the leader of a fraternity that is hazing Mitch referred to as Satan, who is pretending join, the fraternity but is really trying his hardest to piss God off as much as possible. R


    Written & Directed by Chris Erickson

    Item #: SCP-026

    Object Class: Euclid

    Description: An abandoned public school complex. Site exhibits spatial anomalies, metaphysical qualities and “adverse” entities. Site to remain securely sealed and guarded at all times. Access and subsequent testing require prior permission from Level 3 security personnel or above.

    Please see for additional information.



    Director & Director of Photography: Danny Orona

    Editor: Dana Ostrowski

    By suppressing his emotions Mundo is beginning to physically and mentally fall apart, the only person keeping him sane is Saul.


    The Song

    Written, Directed, Produced, Edited & Visual Effects

    Supervisor by Marwan Hussein

    Felix, an aloof, deep thinking San Francisco youth in his mid-twenties embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he seeks his “other half” and self-actualization. Seeking completion through relationships, he wallows in despair at his failures, yet holds strong to his convictions to righteousness. Walking the lonely straight and narrow path, he is about to find himself in a situation where it is do or die, and his decision will make all the difference.


    War Song

    Directed by Erik Holmgren

    Cinematography by Christine Adams

    Produced by Landon Wolf Winter 1945, three American soldiers are under fire from a Nazi sniper. The three men struggle through pain, tragedy and desperation as they ultimately try to appeal to the heart of the opposing soldier.


    What's Easy Written and Directed by Kaleb Rudy Couples facing civil adversity in their respective times (1960's, 2010's) struggle to keep their relationships alive. PG-13

  • Writer/Director: Craig Lowery

    Sound Supervisor: Andrew Mathiasen

    An obsessive writer on a deadline sacrifices all semblance of reality for a better story.

    9 min


    "Best In Me"

    Director/Animator: Kayla Harriel

    A rotoscoped dance animation centering on the relationship between a mother and daughter as they journey through day-to-day intimacy and face the pains of separation in adolescence and adulthood.

    3 min 27 sec


    El Otro Lado del Sol (The Other Side of the Sun)

    Writer/Director: Miguel Silva

    Producer: Isabella Ortuño

    José and Lupe Sánchez work in the fields of Central California. Despite their poverty, they are raising their children the best they can, but dark secrets are uncovered and one day danger arrives at their door.

    10 min


    Heartbreak Syndrome Writer/Director: Alexandra Davis Producer: Elissa Barton Following a break up, Deirdre struggles to get her life back on track in this bittersweet comedy exploring how we act when grieving. 4 min 30 sec PG-13

    "Hold it Down"

    Producer/Editor: Josh R. Applegate

    Local Bay Area rock & reggae band Just Chill’s song “Hold It Down” emulates the ‘cloud nine’ vibes that give the feel of a warm summer night.

    5 min


    *WARNING: The flm “HOLD IT DOWN” contains brightly flashing lights in a musical montage that may be challenging for people with certain medical conditions

    Looking Back

    Writer/Director: Andrew Folk

    A young girl regrets her actions when she loses her best friend.

    4 min 30 sec


    Remington's Revenge

    Writer/Director: Nicholas Fryou

    Co-Writer/Editor/ Sound Designer: Thomas Stevens

    Betrayed by the woman he loves, a young gunslinger sets out on a quest for revenge in the American Southwest during the 1870’s.

    9 min


    Science Time

    Writer/Director: Tia Beem

    Welcome to the Science Time lab, a place where learning meets fun.

    5 min 30 sec


    Stilvin Has An Interview Writer: Monica Fisher Director: Daniel Kim Director of Photography: Nolan Farrel Stilvin’s mom awakens him with a daily pep talk: Get a job or get out! So Stilvin stumbles into the real world where he learns that it’s not enough to get the job; you actually have to do it, too. 6 min PG-13

    Subject 1.9

    Writer/Director: Hayley Hawkins

    A man in search of his past suddenly discovers who he is.

    5 min


    Surviving Salinas

    Director: James Santoyo

    As three young men casually work from home, a negative narrative about Salinas plays on the radio. Are these young adults the source of problems plaguing the city or are they simply misunderstood?

    4 min 20 sec