College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of Cinematic Arts & Technology

2012 Senior Capstone Festival

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    Director/Writer: Daniel Hampton

    Producer: Zachary J. Taylor

    A young man enters an archery competition to win the heart of a girl.


    Writer/Director: Caitlin Westemeier

    Editor/Co Producer: Harriet Chow

    Sam, a teenage boy who runs away from his abusive home meets up with Dakota. They find safety in a bookstore where they learn that having someone to count on, can get them through anything.

    Back Home Producer, Director: Joey Perotti Two veterans from two different wars discuss the most challenging part yet – coming back home after the fighting is done.


    Director/Compositor: Matt Bage

    In this psychological thriller, a young man must sort fact from fiction as his nightmares begin to intrude upon his perceptions of reality.

    Beautiful Game

    Director/Editor: Patrick Gavin

    A promotional video of California State University Monterey Bay’s intramural indoor soccer program, portraying the fun, thrill and benefits of intramural sports for students and the school.

    Birth Day Writer/Director: Jeff Tuyay A slice-of-coconut-life.

    Broken Narrative

    Writer, Director, Editor: Andrew Steiner

    A man attempts to speak to an ill, abusive parent. Because of a basic inability to communicate, the man seems to be unable to get his point across, fracturing what would otherwise be a normal scene.

    Darker Shades of Grey

    Producer, Writer, Editor: Lauren Hurdle

    Director/Writer: Michael Neel

    Production Designer/Casting Director: Cassandra Mikkonen

    A young man who suffers from High-Functioning Austim is lured into helping his neighbor cover up a murder.

    A Day in the Life... Guard

    Director: Cameron Vollan

    A day in the life of struggling Lifeguards trying to survive the day.

    A Fly in the Room

    Writer, Director, Editor, Sound : Joey Blackburn

    A writer is driven mad when he cannot get the buzzing sound of a fly out of his mind.


    Writer/Director: Taryn Lahey

    Producer: Jasmine Hedwall

    When her neglectful mother’s car breaks down on the highway, Sara sneaks onto a nearby abandoned property. After discovering a curious device that picks up strange sounds, Sara is determined to seek out where the sounds are coming from before her mother discovers she is missing.

    Ghost Wolf trailer

    Ghost Wolf

    Director, Producer, Writer, Editor: Aaron Talavera

    In a post apocalyptic world, 6 years after the rapture, Special Forces Sergeant Marcus Grieves, AKA Ghost Wolf, must protect a case, which is believed to contain the hope of societal recovery, from the ruthless General Juarez.

    Here We Stand

    Writer, Director, Producer: Kayla Strasser

    A documentary venturing onto the streets of Sacramento and into the lives of three women asking one question: when it comes to healthcare, are women really equal?

    Hold On

    Writer, Director, Producer: Erik Rodriguez

    A young boy who is being bullied, finds solace from his brother and soon finds out his tormenter shares a similar fate at home.

    Lessons No One Taught Me

    Producer, Director, Editor: Karly Sacks

    “Lessons No One Taught Me” is a documentary featuring a group of anonymous young women sharing their life-stories and explaining how their traumatic and devastating experiences have helped them grow into who they are today.

    The Mission

    Director: Gabriel R. Avalos

    Three friends on a mission through unknown territory.


    Director/Director of Photography: Ricardo Cortez

    Director/Editor: Christopher Sakamoto

    A young outcast roams the streets of San Francisco looking for work as a practitioner of the occult. One night, he unintentionally resuscitates a murdered girl.

    Paul, Who is a Ghost

    Writer & Director: Ben Fisher

    Co-­Producer/Editor: Kevin Parnell

    Co-Producer/Sound Designer: Mark Curtsinger

    After a freak accident takes his life, Paul, returns to his job a customer service representative.


    Director: Chelsea Kampmann

    If you want eternal beauty and flawlessness, you might as well be a Barbie.


    Writer/ Director/ Cinematographer/ Producer: Jose Espinoza

    Motivated by his love for his family, Julian, a 35-year-old baker, routinely wakes up every morning at 1:00am to work in his bakery, but one fateful night, Julian must protect his wife and bakery.

    Reform School Sweeties

    Director, Producer, Editor: Steve Mostek

    Locked up in a reform school, a cupcake with a gambling habit wreaks havoc when she enters her sister, an overeating muffin, in a jump-rope contest known as the Golden Ropes.

    Killer Crossing

    Director: Nathan Schwemer

    A killer takes a short break to talk to his victim.

    Working Hands

    Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Matt Lee

    A spotlight on the life of a new American family and the struggles we face in today’s society.

    XL Grindhouse

    Producer/Director/Editor: Michael Hale

    Local restaurant of the Monterey County area, XL Grindhouse, will be showcased for its atmosphere, lunch hour and happy hour.

  • 20 Minutes

    Director: Garrett Collins

    Director of Photography: Dylan Niven

    Set in the near future in an age of exploding population growth where summary executions by lottery are the norm, two lovers, Marcus and Julia, hold secrets from each other. Can anything or anyone save Marcus from his impending fate? Marcus makes a plan…

    Rating: PG

    A Fundamental Right

    Director: Renee Infelise

    A short documentary on award-winning writer Dustin Lance Black’s play "8," in which the playwright and audience members discuss the importance of gay marriage and the critical role that theater can play in social movements.

    Rating: PG

    At Ease, Solider

    Director: Austin Gavin

    A documentary on one of our community’s last family-owned and operated local bars that truly honors America’s veterans.

    Rating: G

    Against the Odds

    Director: J. Beau Sandoval

    Torn between loyalties to her parents and the love she has for her boyfriend, a young woman must choose between the impossible demands of her father and the hope of long term companionship with the one she loves.

    Rating: PG

    Given Away for Love

    Director: Lindsey Wallraff

    Editor: Taylor Anderson

    Additional Cinematography: Dylan Niven

    A documentary journey of self-discovery told through the eyes of an adopted young woman.

    Rating: G

    How Far is Haven

    Director: Seleena Tesfazgi

    Based on the director’s life story, this film follows the journey of a young girl who illegally crosses borders in East Africa with the help of a guide on her way to the United States and the perilous challenges she faces along the way.

    Rating: PG

    Night of the Living Food

    Director: Kevin Protz

    In this short animated film, things go terribly wrong when genetically engineered foods designed to grow larger and faster gain consciousness and begin to run amuck in the streets.

    Rating: PG

    Skinny on the Inside

    Director: Kirsten Clapp

    Any which way you weigh it, beauty is not measured by the pound.

    Rating: PG

    The People Watcher

    Director: Matthew DiPietro

    A people watcher's daily routine is interrupted by a mysterious staring man

    Rating: PG

    The Road Not Taken

    Director: Philip Stowell

    Producer: Nick Ratto

    Editor: Taylor Anderson

    Awakening in a hospital bed, a man’s life spirals out of control as he travels between parallel universes.

    Rating: R for mature or adult content and language

    The Tome

    Director: Matthieu Mauthes

    When rookie paranormal investigator Henry Jackson is hired by his first client, a “simple job” is shown to be anything but.

    Rating: PG


    Director: Matthieu Mauthes

    When rookie paranormal investigator Henry Jackson is hired by his first client, a “simple job” is shown to be anything but.

    Rating: PG

    With a Little Help From My Friends

    Director: Leslie Juarez

    In this informative documentary, a local breast cancer assistance group discusses their mission and the many ways to help those affected by the disease.

    Rating: G

Yellow Panthers

Director: Safeer Bhombal

In this short documentary film, Black Panther Party member Michael Tagawa reveals the history of Asian Americans in the Black Panther Party and why this important and little-known story must be told.

Rating: G