College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of Cinematic Arts & Technology

2011 Senior Capstone Festival

  • Addictive Application

    Directed by Rachel Asendorf

    Documentary about the Facebook virtual reality game Farmville where players spend numerous amounts of time harvesting a virtual plot of land. A Farmville player takes a day to work on a real organic farm in Salinas, CA to gain perspective on the reality of farm work.

    Bright Black

    Directed by Shantel Byrd

    A tap dancer, a hip hop dancer and a ballerina unite performing together on stage creating their own mixed form of dance. The dancers not only prove their successes alone, but also show how paths to new and different opportunities can await when they congregate with others.


    Directed by Petey Camarillo

    Ava Brown cheats, lies and doesn’t have a care in the world. Too bad her parents are too dense to notice.

    A Daughter's Journey

    Directed by Lori Zaknich

    A Daughter’s Journey is a film that looks at the memories of my Father after his death. It touches on the emotions that relate to those memories and our relationship. This film is about honoring him as well as truthfully expressing the difficult feelings that come up when remembering my childhood. It is a discovery of self through the experiences in my life. And it is about continuing forward with strength and good intentions for my own child.


    Written by Armando Armas

    An overworked businessman cracks under the pressure of his rut and searches for a way out. He realizes that what he has been looking for is the chance to slow down and to appreciate the simple things in life.

    The Gift

    Directed by Anthony V. Spedaliere

    Edited by Joab Perez

    The passing of a gift from one person to another.

    Good Morning, Day!

    Directed by Calvin Alice-Demorest

    On a day brimming with good vibes, several strangers collide and bring their energies together while waiting for the bus. When it shows, everything about the journey seems distant and strange, until a mysterious and flirty girl thinks she’s got skills at tic-tac-toe.

    Ima' Prisoner

    Directed by Julie Perez

    A young woman battles an inner struggle to be herself in an unwanted world of perfection.

    Into the Dream

    Directed by Evelyn Montes

    A woman's passions and dreams are kept alive through music.

    The Karl Krogstad Dimension

    Edited by Kelly Hills

    Karl Krogstad is both truth and fiction in his own autobiography. The Seattle born artist finally settles down after sixty-five films and seventeen music videos, and thousands of paintings but who’s counting? Karl is one of the best independent, surrealist filmmakers and how can he not be when he is best friends with Gus Van Sant and Tom Robbins. The outrageous, loud, wild and out there KK has finally summed up his sixty plus years of life with this autobiography. This is just a small peek through the window into the world of Karl Krogstad.


    Directed by Adam Younkin

    Produced by JJ Melancon

    A meditation on the experience of a young man after he makes an unexpected discovery.

    The Mountains of the Moon

    Directed by Hannah Arp

    An experimental Western about the influence of film on childhood.


    Directed by Dustin Brockman

    A personal narrative-style documentary, that brings viewers literally “on board” into the world of surfing, told by those who truly embrace it.


    Directed by Erica Peterson

    An agoraphobic girl identifies only with the color purple because the daily pills she takes are purple.

    The Resonance

    Directed by Andrew Lewis

    The brothers Nolan enjoy a leisurely day at the beach, when an unknown disaster, signaled by emergency sirens, strikes the peninsula. The danger seems distant, but is actually much closer than they think.


    Directed by Nichole Worden

    Both Eric and Vickie Worden were bikers before being a biker was the hip thing to do. From their early twenties both had been riding Harleys, but that lifestyle was put on hold when they started their family. Now that all the kids have grown up, and the business is doing well, it is time to don the leathers and ride again.

    The Search

    Directed by Joshua Maldonado

    18 year old Kyle Edwards has just been rejected to his dream school and life is not gearing towards the way he plans. He decides he needs some time to pull himself together and decides to take a step outside. It’s up to his 9 year old brother Cameron to pull his brother back together and help him realize that this isn’t the end of the road.

    Serious Leisure

    Directed by Tanya Mullen

    An ambitious and mildly ludicrous man has a love for hobbies but unbeknownst to him is disastrous at all of them.

    They Call Us Brats

    Directed by Tabitha Enanoria

    Edited by Katherine Foltz

    Mark Moberly is an active duty member in the Army. His wife Kelly and their five children have just moved to Seaside California. In this documentary film we explore the children’s perspective and how they feel about growing up in a Military family.

    The Typograph

    Designed by Sam Johnson

    The Typograph is a typography inspired website developed to help educate visitors on the beauty of graphic art. The Typograph features rich content, and valuable resources aimed to help visitors hone their design skills, and gain a better understanding of what graphic design represents.

    Viaje al Mar

    Directed by Ryan Elam

    Produced by Bryan Elbert

    A young boy living on a farm decides to embark on a journey to see the ocean for the first time.

    Walking Without Wires

    Directed by Rachel Shonkoff

    A young woman learns a lesson about life when she takes an unfamiliar walk around a seemingly familiar place.

    The Wet Sand

    Directed by Joshua Fryou

    Traumatized from their experiences at war, two discharged soldiers find closure from one special dog.

    A World of Her Own

    Directed by Ralph Blanchard

    This short documentary is a portrait of Patri, a victim of schizophrenia and her family who has adapted to her world.

  • Watch: Derby


    Producer, Director, Editor: Dominic Parisi

    A documentary regarding the presence of femininity, and alter egos in the culture of women’s flat track roller derby as understood through interviews, and lives action play by the Monterey Bay Derby Dames. Roller derby has been plagued by controversies stemming from misconceptions and a lack of knowledge about the sport. Fans of roller derby of a generation past watched a broadcast of scripted, campy catfight and innuendo; however this film shows that the sport and athleticism previously marginalized by this façade has moved to the forefront of derby in recent years.

    The Falconer

    Director: Sean Ayers

    Producer: Ryan Morrison

    Compositor: William Terndrup

    A man hauling people in stasis across the vastness of space becomes obsessed with virtual reality when his need for companionship overtakes his confined reality. While neglecting his maintenance duties on the ship to escape into the virtual world he lets the ship fall into disrepair and begins to lose grasp on what is and isn’t real.

    In Her Voice

    Director: Melissa Woodrow

    Director of Photography: Mark Janiak

    Crystal returns to her childhood home after missing her grandmother’s funeral. As she goes through the house her grandmother’s stories narrate her nostalgia.

    Jack of Diamond

    Director: Dominick Guglielmo

    A retired espionage agent is sent on one last mission to steal an infamous diamond back from a renegade group of terrorists that have taken over an airplane hangar.

    Let Go

    Director: Tyler Franta

    After the loss of his girlfriend, Beau surrounds himself with paired trinkets as a sorry attempt to fill the empty void in his life. As he slowly spirals into depression and obsessive compulsive behavior, a stray cat wanders into Beau’s home, finally giving him a new perspective on his recent struggles.

    Monterey Meltdown

    Creator, Writer, Producer, Director, Editor: Tara Diego

    The film is a comical yet informative stop motion animation news broadcast about drought in California with a focus on its effects in the Monterey area.

    Occupy Monterey

    Director/Producer: Dominique Henderson

    Director of Photography/Editor: Mitchell Zotovich

    This documentary goes inside the occupy Monterey movement to explore the wants, needs, and expectations of the activists.

    Project Artaud

    Writer/Director/Producer: Ed Carapezza

    A documentary that explores art and community at Project Artaud.


    Director: Tomas Reyes

    Cinematographer/Editor: Tyler Burroughs

    Temperance is the story of Marco Gutierez, a successful lawyer who, due to circumstances beyond his control, finds himself unemployed with massive bills to pay. As everything in life seems to stack up against him, Marco turns to his past addictions to cope with his situation. His entire world crumbles around him leaving him with one question: What’s worth living for?


    Director: Daniele De Marco

    Detective Johnny Fallon is sitting in his car in a dark neighborhood. He has been brought here because of a note he found with the address of a house and a time along with the message “my gift.” Johnny knows this note is from the serial killer he is after. While watching the house, Johnny notices a dark figure and pursues him. What he finds out is that his hunch was right, but the killer had more than a confrontation planned. Johnny has been brought to the home of the man who killed his father.

    Waking Up

    Director and Producer: Natalie Janelle Rojas

    After being haunted by unremitting nightmares of abuse, a young woman decides to rid herself of a mysterious gift, given to her by an ex-lover.

    The Weight

    Director: Trevor Marcotte

    Editor/Sound Designer: Laura Masana

    Ex-Union soldier James Evans is passing through to San Francisco when a former Confederate challenges the boy to a gunfight, prompting him to recall lessons of morality and conditioning from his past.