College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of Cinematic Arts & Technology

2010 Senior Capstone Festival

  • Dragon Age: Prelude

    In this Fantasy Role Playing Game, The player takes on the role of a human commoner, and must become the last line of defense to protect their home from sinister forces.


    Directed by: Tyler Lee

    A pair of adventurers in a fantasy role-playing game find themselves faced with a seemingly unbeatable foe: A Dungeon Master that takes himself too seriously. What will happen when rules are overlooked and egos get in the way? Find out in an adventure where imagination and reality collide!

    It's Got A Miss

    Directed by: Nick Gustafson

    Director of Photography: Evan Norbom

    Justin must decide between keeping his family farm or pursuing his goals. An old family friend, Mr. Halsworth, uses his knowledge to guide Justin into making that decision.

    Lord, Ladies

    Directed by: Casey Poma

    When medieval knight Marek has enough of standing in a watch tower day after day, he urges his friend and fellow knight Borin to join him for a trip in the woods.

    Newly Dead

    Directed by: Aaron Roy

    Recently demised, a soul discovers how the system works in the afterlife. Due to budget cuts, it is now up to the soul to choose between Heaven or Hell. Both Angel and Demon, serving as representatives for both systems, try to sell one place over the other. Ultimately, everyone finds themselves stuck in purgatory because of decisions made by upper management.

    This One's For You

    Directed by: Lindsey TroutA documentary of one player’s passion for the game as its fueled by the loss of a loved one. Michelle Santizo uses basketball as her outlet, a way to escape from the troubles of life and just play the game. A player who loves the game for everything it has helped her become and achieve.


    Directed by: Nick Birnbaum

    Cassius Jones wakes up, and laments about regret, the passage of time,

    and the death of his dreams.


    Directed by: Garner Capps

    Produced by: Amelia Bostrom

    Return is about a prisoner resisting reintegration by preserving the memory of his escape. Return occurs in a world where all danger and risk have been removed from everyday life at the cost of discovery, wonder and individualism. Existence has become hyper-regulated and sterilized in order to preserve and maintain society.

    Wet Plastic

    Director of Photography, Editor & Producer: Carly Lujan

    Take a closer into the world or sexual experimentation. Gerald and Bonnie have graciously allowed us to observe their chosen solution to spice things up in the bedroom. Follow along with them and see what predicaments burst their fantasies.