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Biology BS Overview

Student holding up petri dishes
Students giving presentation

A biology degree can take a student in many directions. Graduates become health professionals, researchers, and even lawyers who specialize in medical cases. Graduates work with wildlife, in the ocean, or on land. Many work at museums, or teach K-12, or are State Park officials. There are so many options. But why Biology at CSUMB?

Our state of the art program focuses on High Impact Practices, which means that we don’t just stand and lecture at you, but we include you in the teaching and learning process. We have hands on labs and projects in almost every course, and the professors perform high level research that is brought into the classroom. Every student has the ability to gain research experience through a Course Based Research Experience (CURE) which are embedded in the curriculum. The biology service learning courses take students into community classrooms and into places that they may have never experienced. But most important is our open door policy – the professors are available to students – and our small class sizes at the upper division level allow for a truly unique learning experience. CSUMB Biology majors win awards, present their data at regional and National meetings, and are scattered around the world practicing in their field. The Biology program will take you where you want to go. Join it and make your future a reality.