College of Science

Department of Biology and Chemistry

Research Labs

The Plant Pathology Lab

PI: Dr. JP Dundore-Arias

Areas of research: Ecology and Management of Plant-Associated Microbes, Biocontrol of Plant Pathogens, Agricultural Microbiomes

The Laboratory for Applied Electrochemistry

PI: Dr. John Goeltz

Areas of Research: Electrochemistry for energy, the environment, biology, and marine science

Floating salps

Genomics and Bioinformatics Lab

Dr. Nathaniel Jue

Areas of Research: Evolutionary and functional genomics, genetics

Ag students

The Haffa Lab

PI: Dr. Arlene Haffa

Areas Of interest: Agricultural biogeochemistry

The Sreenivasan Lab

PI: Dr. Aparna Sreenivasan

Areas of Research: Cell cycle, molecular biology, genetics, genomics and science communication