College of Science

Department of Biology and Chemistry

Research Labs

The Plant Pathology Lab

PI: Dr. JP Dundore-Arias

Areas of research: Ecology and Management of Plant-Associated Microbes, Biocontrol of Plant Pathogens, Agricultural Microbiomes

PI: Dr. Frank Macabenta

Areas of Research

Developmental biology, cell biology, collective migration, organogenesis, genetics, signal transduction pathways
The Macabenta Lab is interested in uncovering the genetic mechanisms that control collective migration, quality control, and organ assembly by using Drosophila as a model system.
Floating salps

Genomics and Bioinformatics Lab

Dr. Nathaniel Jue

Areas of Research: Evolutionary and functional genomics, genetics

Ag students

The Haffa Lab

PI: Dr. Arlene Haffa

Areas Of interest: Agricultural biogeochemistry

The Sreenivasan Lab

PI: Dr. Aparna Sreenivasan

Areas of Research: Cell cycle, molecular biology, genetics, genomics and science communication