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Agricultural Plant & Soil Sciences BS Overview

Crops in Salinas Valley
GIS map of Carmel River Watershed

The AGPS degree can open many opportunities for students. Graduates may become leaders within a variety of different sectors relating to agricultural sciences… But why agriculture at CSUMB?

There are not many places within the United States where as much time and resources are invested in crop production systems - granting it the “Salad bowl of the US”, as in Monterey County. The diverse group of growers that call this region home are some of the most innovative and forward thinking professionals who have made this part of California leaders in the sustainable agriculture movement. CSUMB students have the opportunity to be a part of this progressive industry through intensive lab-based and hands-on research and internship opportunities through the Agricultural Plant and Soil Sciences program. The Service Learning course takes students to the surrounding agriculture community to perform real-world change for the incredible group of people that call this region home. The faculty in this program are industry leaders who perform innovative research and are available to students. But most important - the Agricultural Plant and Soil Sciences program at CSUMB will take you where you want to go.