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Through coursework in painting and murals, sculpture, installation and performance art, arts education and museum studies, photography, and media culture, students develop as individual and collaborative artists.


  • St Petersburg/Baltic States: neighbors worlds apart

    I went to St Petersburg, Russia, this summer partly for pleasure and partly to research public art in other parts of the world, coming from the perspective of our own commitment to public voice here at VPA. I expected to be stunned by the acres and acres of world art housed in the vast Hermitage Museum (formerly a Tsar’s palace). It didn’t disappoint. Hours melted away as my husband and I meandered through the galleries housing the history of the human spirit.

  • Veterans Transition Center public art project

    Over the summer, VPA students and Alumni (John Elliott, Elgene Tumacder, and Mercedes Maciel) worked on a public art project with the Veterans Transition Center. Classes were held onsite during summer 2016 to produce mural content.

  • Johanna Poethig returns to SPARC to help digitally restore "Calle de la Eternidad" mural

    Calle de la Eternidad was the former name of Broadway Blvd., where the mural WAS located (SPARC is working to bring it back to Broadway). Poethig emphasizes the nature of time and of space. Using images familiar with the Latino community who live and work in the area, the words of Octavio Paz around the Aztec calendar express the feelings of dislocation and adaptation.

  • Art meets sustainability

    By the end of the semester, the capstone project of two Visual and Public Art students will grace a wall of CSUMB’s Dining Commons. The design will focus on sustainability as it relates to the food industry and will depict the cycle of food – from the fields to the kitchen to the table to compost and back to the fields.

  • To these artists, the public matters

    The Visiting Artist series at Cal State Monterey Bay continues on April 9 with a presentation by Reanne Estrada and Mike Blockstein of Public Matters, a Los Angeles-based social enterprise. Public Matters works with people to create media about their neighborhoods. The goal is to connect people to the places they live and work and to develop a sense of ownership over these places and a belief that they can directly shape their neighborhoods’ future.

  • Art exhibit looks to entertain and empower

    A new art exhibit that invites spectators to take part in the festivities by "dressing to transgress" is filling galleries, stages and limousines. "Glamorgeddon: The Spectacle," curated by (CSUMB faculty members) Johanna Poethig, Angelica Muro and Hector Dionicio, is nothing short of a sensory extravaganza . . .   – San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 7, 2015

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