Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

UROC Scholars Program

The UROC Scholars program is a competitive two-year academic program that provides students with intensive research experience and graduate school preparation.

The McNair Scholars Program is embedded within the UROC Scholars program. McNair prepares academically-talented and motivated CSUMB undergraduates from all majors for doctoral level studies by engaging these students in research and other scholarly activities that support the successful transition to graduate programs. Interested students can apply to McNair by applying to the UROC Scholar program.

About the Scholars Program

UROC Scholars enroll in a four-semester Undergraduate Research Seminar Series and work closely with CSUMB faculty mentors on individual research projects. During the summer, students are expected to participate in summer research experiences with support from UROC pending available funding (which may vary from year to year).

  • Students complete four research courses and two summers of research or creative activities as part of a competitive two-year program.

  • UROC provides professional, academic, and financial support to students, builds educational ownership, scholarship identity, and community.

  • Students are paired with faculty and research mentors who work with UROC staff to help students achieve professional goals.

  • UROC supports students to develop professional goals, attend and present at national conferences, and identify and apply to graduate schools and fellowships.


  • Attend and present at national conferences, and identify and apply to graduate schools and fellowships.

  • Prepare for graduate-level study or a research job.

  • Explore interests and clarify career goals.

  • Contribute to creation of new knowledge.

  • Sharpen critical and analytical thinking skills.

  • Enhance confidence in abilities.

  • Receive guaranteed paid undergraduate research experience(s).

  • Prepare robust, well-written publications, scholarship, and fellowship applications.

  • Participate confidently within a scholarly community.

  • Work one-on-one with faculty mentors, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers.

Interested in applying? Check out the application components first. 


There are two types of graduate-level degrees: professional and academic degrees.

  • Professional degrees focus on coursework and practicum (e.g. internships, group projects, apprenticeships, residencies, etc.).
  • Academic degrees focus on independent scholarly work (e.g. a research-based thesis or dissertation)
Graduate Levels Professional Degrees Research/Academic
Certifications/Licenses/Accreditations (varies) R.N., R.D., C.P.A., P.T.  
Master's Degrees (1-3 years) M.A., M.B.A., M.P.H., P.S.M., LL.M., M.Ed. M.S., M.Sc., M.F.A., M.Phil., M.Res.
Doctoral Degrees (3-6 years) M.D., D.O., Psy.D., D.V.M., J.D., Ed.D. Ph.D., D.Phil., D.Sci.