Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

UROC Scholars/McNair Scholars Research Seminar Series

The Research (RSCH) Seminar course series is the cornerstone of the UROC Scholars/McNair Scholars program, providing a space and time for Scholars to develop strong ties to their cohort, interact frequently with UROC Staff, and to develop the skills necessary to excel in applying to and conducting undergraduate research. Each course builds onto the next preparing students to become competitive applicants for graduate school, scholarships, and fellowships. 

RSCH 200

The first course in the UROC Scholar RSCH series is offered in the spring following the student's acceptance into the program, typically the spring of sophomore year. This course is particularly focused on preparing each student to identify and apply to undergraduate research opportunities in the summer by introducing them to the research and discourse communities of their discipline and providing training on the preparation of competitive application materials

RSCH 300

The second course in the RSCH series is offered in the fall after the Scholar has completed their first intensive summer research experience, typically the fall of junior year. The goal of this course is for students to capitalize on the experience of deep engagement in a research experience so that each student can build their scholarly identity, enhance their capacity for independent research, and elevate their internal standards.

RSCH 301

The third course in the RSCH series is offered in the spring of the second year of the Scholars program, typically spring of junior year. The goal of this course is to prepare students for their second summer undergraduate research experience, with an emphasis on independent research and its application to future graduate work.

RSCH 400

The RSCH series culminates in this final course offered in the final fall of the student's undergraduate career. The goal of this course is to allow students to activate the capital they have accrued over the past several semesters as Scholars and prepare competitive applications to graduate schools, scholarships, and fellowships.