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UROC Scholar wins honorable mention at Western Society of Naturalists

Madison Heard- presenting
Madison Heard- award

New UROC Scholar, Madison Heard, won an honorable mention for the Rafe Sagarin Award for Observational Ecology at the Western Society of Naturalists Conference. Madison is a Marine Science major and presented on research she conducted during her participation in the Monterey Bay Regional Ocean Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. Her oral presentation was titled: "Effects of Climate Change on the Larval Development of Haliotis refucens"

Madison wasn't the only UROC student to present their research during WSN. Fellow UROC Scholars and UROC Researchers also presented her research in both oral and poster presentations.

Oral Presentations

Catrin Wendt (UROC Scholar): "Remote Research on a Budget: Designing Video Systems for Research in the Ulithi Atoll"

Patrick Carilli (UROC Scholar): "Physiological Effects of Low Dissolved Oxygen on Pacific Sanddabs"

Nicole Barbour (UROC Researcher): "Spatial and Temporal Varibility of a Biological Guild on the Monterey Bay Sandy Continental Shelf During the 2015-2016 El NiƱo"

Catrin Wendt

Poster Presentations

Darrin Ambat (UROC Researcher): "Effects of Hypoxia on Reproductive Output in Blue (Sebastes mystinus) and Brown (Sebastes auriculatus) Rockfishes"

Lauren Kapphahn (UROC Researcher): "Effects of pH and Dissolved Oxygen on the Otolith Morphology of Copper Rockfish, Sebastes caurinus"

Charnelle Wickliff (UROC Researcher): "Using Inexpensive Materials to Survey Coral Reefs Ecosystems on Ulithi Atoll"

Tiffany Thisner (UROC Researcher): "Effects of Ocean Acidification on Sperm Motility in the Red Abalone (Haloitis rufescens)"

Kyle Mooers (UROC Scholar): "Barren Gonads: a Non-Lethal Method of Assessing Sea Urchin Condition in a Temperate Kelp Forest System"

Jacob Green (UROC Scholar): "Juvenile Rockfish (Sebastes spp.) do not Shift Metabolic Poise Under Ocean Acidification"

Darrin Ambat
Lauren Kapphahn
Charnelle Wickliff
Jacob Green