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Summer Research Symposium

With almost 100 student researchers working with numerous research institutions in the Monterey Bay area, there is certainly a lot to celebrate!

John Banks (far right) with UROC summer research presenters
Dr. John "Buck" Banks (far right) with UROC summer research student presenters.

The Annual CSUMB Summer Research Symposium celebrates the research, scholarship, and creative activities of the undergraduate students in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC) and Monterey Regional Ocean Sciences Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program. Over 100 students will present research conducted over the summer across 12 different academic disciplines and 14 grant-funded programs.. To date, this symposium is the largest summer research program in the region.

In addition to a summer of research, undergraduate participants also attend over 20 hours of professional development workshops spanning topics like research communication, graduate school preparation, and mentor relationships..

This event honors their commitment to diving head-first tackling some of the most difficult questions and working with stellar faculty mentors who guide the process with inquiry along the way.

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2022 Summer Research Symposium

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 9th Annual Summer Research Symposium on Friday, August 12, 2022. Congratulations to all the student presenters, including our inaugural group of Outstanding Research Poster Award recipients: 

  • Sonia Kortenkamp, Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy
    • Faculty Mentor: Andria Greene, CSUMB
  • Katherine Martinez, Biology
    • Faculty Mentor: John Dzimianski, UCSC and Jennifer Kato, CSUMB
  • Kiara Gable, Agricultural Plant and Soil Science
    • Faculty Mentor: Jose Pablo Dundore-Arias, CSUMB
  • Pepper St. Clair and Sage Chavez, Biology
    • Faculty Mentor: Gerardo Cortes-Cortes, UCSC and Simon Titen, CSUMB
  • Zachary Zirbel, Marine Science
    • Faculty Mentor: Jaycee Lanza, Moss Landing Marine Labs
  • Axel Castellanos-Morales, Computer Science
    • Faculty Mentor: Steven Kim, CSUMB
  • Nick Alessandro, Psychology
    • Faculty Mentor: Zurine De Miguel, CSUMB
  • Juan Vargas, Biology
    • Faculty Mentor: Daniel Hasewaga, USDA
  • Katie Herrmann, Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy
    • Faculty Mentor: Gerick Bergsma, CSUMB
  • Valeria Rodriguez, Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy
    • Faculty Mentor: Andria Greene, CSUMB

Thank you to our inaugural group of judges for volunteering their time to support student research: 

  • Judith Canner, Professor, CSU Monterey Bay
  • Kathleen Godfrey, Associate Dean, CSU Monterey Bay
  • Arun Jani, Assistant Professor, CSU Monterey Bay
  • Rob Drezner, Professor, Monterey Peninsula College
  • Amelia Olson, Biologist / Permitting Analyst, Padre Associates Inc.
  • Manny Ezcurra, Curator of Fish and Invertebrates, Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Sam Robinson, Associate Professor, CSU Monterey Bay
  • Sara Rubin, Editor, Monterey County Weekly
  • Bruce Delgado, Mayor, Botanist, City of Marina and Fort Ord National Monument

See you next summer!

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