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The CSU is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of all members of our campus community, without regard to their immigration status. In California, state law affords certain protections and notification right to students, staff and faculty concerning immigration enforcement activities. Per Chancellor’s Office guidance, CSUMB has implemented the following:

CSUMB requires a valid subpoena or judicial warrant for immigration enforcement to be reviewed prior to allowing access to any nonpublic area of the university. Voluntary consent for such access may not be provided.

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If an immigration officer is expected to enter campus to execute a federal immigration order, the Chief of Police will verify the legality of any warrant, court order and/or subpoenas. If the immigration officer is expected to enter campus, students, faculty and staff will be advised, as soon as possible, by an advisory notice on the Undocu-Success Support and Human Resources websites.

Students who may be subject to an immigration order or inquiry on campus, should contact Guillermo Metelin Bock from the Undocu-Success Resources. 

Our campus will provide assistance to undocumented students who may be detained, deported or who are unable to attend academic requirements due to federal immigration orders. We will make all reasonable efforts to assist students in retaining eligibility for financial aid, fellowship stipend exemption from nonresident tuition fees, funding for research or other benefits that have been awarded.

Students should contact the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Services to be re-enrolled if and when they are able to return to the university.

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