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Undocu-Otters and Allies Club

We are UNDOCU-OTTERS AND ALLIES a group of innovative young scholars that believe in ADVOCACY and EQUITY in higher education, for all regardless of national origin, native tongue or legal status in the country. Undoc-UOtters & Allies provides a SAFE SPACE for all Undocumented students and our supporters; a place of SOCIAL JUSTICE and a place for HOPE. It is our mission to EMPOWER each other, create awareness of our struggles, achievements, and to foster a welcoming environment where we receive support and encouragement to succeed and better our lives. We stand strong through knowledge, move forward through hope, and faith but most importantly, we stand united as Undoc-UOtters & Allies.



Contact: dreamers@csumb.edu

Adviser: Bernadette Ortiz, bortiz@csumb.edu


M.E.Ch.A. de CSUMB (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán)

M.E.CH.A. is a nationwide organization that promotes higher education for Chicana/o students.  The CSUMB chapter focuses in the tri-county area by promoting culture, empowerment, participation, and support of actions that make a positive political influence on Chicana/o issues.



Contact: mecha@csumb.edu



Student Club


Social Justice Dialogues

Leave your title at the door! Join the discussion and engage in hot topics impacting our communities. This semester, we will be focusing on understanding the impact of the pandemic on our identities, as well as how we can support our communities. All our Social Justice Dialogues will be held both virtually and in person. Email the Otter Cross Cultural Center at oc3@csumb.edu  for more information and follow @csumb.oc3 on Instagram.


OC3 Internship

At the Otter Cross Cultural Center, we place a high value on developing students' cultural awareness, understanding of social justice, and growth during their time at CSUMB. This internship will provide a year-long experience focused on identity development, cross-culturalism, leadership, and professionalism. In addition, if chosen to be an OC3 intern, you will have at least 4-5 weekly office hours that you schedule with your student coordinator. Email the Otter Cross Cultural Center at oc3@csumb.edu  for more information and follow @csumb.oc3 on Instagram.


Social Dialogues


CSUMB College Corps

#CaliforniansForAll College Corps, a statewide program to reduce college debt and support students who serve the community.   Join 6,000 College Corps Fellows from across the state who will receive a living stipend and educational award in exchange for working in the community through your service learning courses, an essential part of your CSUMB experience.  As a College Corps Fellow, you will receive training and support to join the next generation of civic leaders. 

If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Motoike at pmotoike@csumb.edu



UROC Researchers

The UROC Researchers Program provides students opportunities to engage in paid/course credit research placements at any time during their undergraduate careers. The program supports CSUMB students from diverse social, economic, and educational backgrounds pursuing the intellectual, academic, and professional benefits related to engagement in undergraduate research.

If you have any questions, please contact UROC at uroc@csumb.edu



Associated Students

The Associated Students of California State University, Monterey Bay is an organization that seeks to serve, empower, and represent students in all areas of student concern. We engage in an active role in the decisions, actions, and the affairs of our university through advocacy and equitable governance.

We seek to uphold our university’s commitment to its Vision Statement in providing higher education to the “diverse people of California, especially the working class, historically undereducated and low-income populations,” by advocating for affordable tuition and fees, and ensuring that student support services remain available as a means to ensure student retention and completion of higher education degrees.

If you have any questions, please contact AS at as@csumb.edu

Associated Students banner of students and the title of associated students


Basic Needs

Basic Needs refers to the food, housing and overall wellness security of our community. Having one’s basic needs met has a direct impact on the academic performance, mental health, physical health, professional development and holistic wellbeing of our students.


The CSUMB Basic Needs Initiative endeavors to support students to be successful by ensuring their basic needs are met through resources, access and advocacy.

If you have any questions, please contact Basic Needs at basicneeds@csumb.edu

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Office of Inclusive Excellence and Sustainability

The Office of Inclusive Excellence funds initiatives that support the University Strategic Plan Goal #2: Inclusive Excellence (USP Goal #2). CSUMB faculty, staff and students on behalf of departments, programs and student groups are eligible to apply. Funding for initiatives (including travel) must benefit CSUMB rather than the individual. If you wish to apply for travel funding, the focus of the conference/training/educational experience must be related to USP Goal #2.

If you have any questions, please contact Contact Nizhoni Chow-Garcia nchow-garcia@csumb.edu

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